Monday, July 1, 2019

My Commitment:Watercolor Month

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Dear Reader, I have been trapped in our house for 8 weeks, with minimal outdoor time (small bits) because I'm nursing a serious knee injury. I'm unable to go up and downstairs to the basement, drive, or ramble anywhere on my own. I have been going crazy! Surgery for my knee-replacement won't be until October or November---SO---I've had to figure out--how to survive mentally and physically to enjoy this summer.

I decided to participate in THIS:
World Water Color Month July 2019 you can follow the links on this page for more information on this experience, sponsors, and charity for children's arts.

I ran across this World Wide promotion for the arts, with multiple sponsorships---All for kids and raising funds for art supplies. The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, is a charity providing support so that children and young adults are given an equal opportunity to explore and develop their creativity in the arts.

My challenge is to paint a different watercolor everyday, and try and remember techniques I once knew. I really need a challenge and kids need the ARTS! which has always been something dear to my heart.

During my art/career years, I volunteered in schools and demonstrated throwing pottery, even when my boys were grown. This meant hauling my 100# wheel up from the basement and into the truck and into the school--etc. But it was so worth it, as children are fascinated with the forming of the clay on a spinning wheel. I was also a volunteer Art Lady for local schools-bringing in historical paintings/sculptures of artists, talking about their history, and then leading a workshop in techniques used by those artists. All ages truly benefit from the arts, everywhere. I really loved doing this.

I haven't seriously painted for over 20 years. So, I dug in my old art supplies. In the late 80's early 90's I also worked for a craft store chain. I would purchase deep discounted art supplies--and have a selection of watercolors. All these paints are at least 25 years old, if not more.

I have lots of brushes downstairs, but unable to get down there---so, I'm charging ahead and using the few 'craft' brushes I had for the Grand to use in her 'craft' painting. This will really bare bones painting, I'm not interested in results---but more the journey.

 Supplies for watercolors: you will need a flat moveable work surface, cubbyhole palette, a spritzer bottle is a nice addition, tape, and I also add q-tips, absorbent paper and paper toweling. Two water glasses--one for cleaning and one for clear water. I hope to do some paintings outside on the porch, or even down on the deck.

Way back when, I must have been pretty selective because I have a great balance of colors, from multiple manufacturers. Mind you these were picked for their 'bargain cost' and not for specific quality in mind. Those 30 year old prices are a bit scary. Wonder how much they are now?

Reds can be the most expensive, if you are interested in ratings on watercolor brands/colors here is a good link for assessing what you might want to start with is
Look through the entire article as I think you can choose watercolors for all levels of artwork, including supplies for kids. 
My objective is to have some fun and maybe try and remember the techniques I once knew.

Yellows can be pretty expensive also, but a little goes a long way. Tertiary colors-(browns, golds-earth) colors are usually pretty reasonable. Craft stores have regular sales on sets as much as 40% off of list prices--great for a beginner. I'll make a color chart of the paints I have as I use them. This is always a good reference for when you are using old paints. 

At Christmas I had purchased this inexpensive Reeves Gouache set to use with my granddaughter at 1/2 price with a coupon. Gouache is a more opaque form of watercolors, and you can work on top of the colors. I really liked using these for detail work.
This is a very complete set---since six-year olds aren't really able to mix all the colors themselves. There is no waste, as dried up watercolors can be reconstituted with a little fresh water. 

I plan on using sketchbook paper for most of the paintings, because that is what I have, now. SOMEWHERE I have watercolor paper, probably downstairs, UGH! 

Watercolor month also gives artists different prompts for each day! I will follow this--as it will help me narrow down subject matter and focus. This doesn't mean I won't be spontaneous...hope you enjoy this journey with me.

This week's Prompts are:

Day 1 Primary Palette (red, yellow,blue)
Day 2 Sunny Sky
Day 3 Picnic Food
Day 4 Family Fun
Day 5 Loose and Free
Day 6 Window View

I'll post my painting projects in a post, on Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook with the hashtag


  1. Such fun! I am sure I will enjoy this journey with you!Blessings!

  2. Oh, thank you ===with so few commenting, you wonder fi anyone is out there, LOL. YOOOOO-HOOOOO!

  3. I'm doing World WAtercolor Month, too! I'll not be posting daily, probably grouping things but trying to paint most days I can. I will loo forward to your art!

    1. Oh,Jeanie, how fun---I won't get to post every day either, already missed two-but I'm going to paint all day tomorrow and catch up!


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