Thursday, November 15, 2018

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?


Yesterday, Wednesday, I finished cleaning the entire China cabinet full of OLD dishes and figurines.

Most items I did in the dishwasher on gentle, but the glassware (not shown) was hand washed as were many of the figurines. Phew---that is a big job, and my legs ache from going up and down the ladder.


The next project was the buffet, which I still need to add some lights to. This buffet is in our living room and stores all our dishes, and many serving pieces. The above cabinet has the  inherited Royal Copenhagen Danish Porcelain. I will be using this pattern for Thanksgiving. We are eating formal this year, as there will only be eight of us.


The buffet is all American---well, nostalgia wise, anyway. I use garden natural gourds and corn to fill in around my 'Pilgrims and Turkey' that Hubby brought home for me two years ago. I do really love the colors---and it's fun to move them around from here to the table.


The matching Pilgrims Lady stands guard for an OLD Vintage turkey plate, English(various potteries) Cottage serving ware. I do love these pieces, but a favorite is the NEWer Pumpkin Plate which is recent Better Homes and Gardens---and I purchased at a deep discount at Walmart.


The OLD vintage glass candlesticks are from Jamestown which we visited in 1986, and we watched them being made at the glass blower. Corn and gourds. We had bright sun and this plate looks faded, but it actually has some rose tones instead of red. The little box with the cornucopia held food miniatures which have migrated to the Barbie room for their Thanksgiving!


The huge platter is more yellow, green and blue on the brown transfer ware. This goes great with the English cottage pottery. The impressed American pottery saucer holds potpourri.


The ANTIQUE pottery saucer is very old, probably late 1890-1910, and unmarked. I have a clay pipe from my grandfather---similar to those used by the Pilgrims. The potpourri is a cinnamon scent and the different pods, seeds and flowers look like Fall all natural elements.


Here's a more accurate colored photo, I had to close a drape to get the light just right. There still is a beam of light bouncing from somewhere.


One of our small garden pumpkins hides behind a cottage set of salt, pepper, and mustard. All the cottage pieces are marked England from different potteries.

Behind them is a platter of hand-painted porcelain, probably from pre-1920. It is a true work of art, and the colors are beautiful for Fall. I love the matte gold handles, so subdued.


These gourds have dried natural on the vine and have such interesting markings. I oiled them with vegetable oil when they were first dried to bring out the markings. I use battery candles here as the upper cabinets are very close to the buffet.


Well this corner is finished--now, the kitchen, the table, and oh, yes, the FOOD! We did the bulk of our shopping last Monday, because you never know when there will be a snowstorm in Chicagoland, like TODAY!...
We have lots to be thankful for, and our Grand is coming for a sleep over this weekend. 

How are your holiday preparations going? 

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