Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Good Morning Sunshine!

The middle two weeks of June brought our Chicagoland yard finally into summer in between 
massive amounts of rain.

Pumpkins and Squash reside in what we call the 'back forty'. Tucked away behind the shed and between the compost pile is a 20 x 14 section we use for cooler crops. An OLD broken windmill is placed inside for vines. (The dirt pile is construction in my neighbors yard.)

The plants from our greenhouse finally taking off. These are pie pumpkins. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the pies we make in Fall.

We have kohlrabi, broccoli, squash, and pumpkins back here.

I started some Swiss Chard, but this is all it has done in over 3 weeks. Too cold, wet and rainy.

Our main garden has been stripped of the overhead lattice. 
The new walkway has been put in. 
The new planters on the rail are still to be filled. 
Maybe next week, the budget for June has been blown.
The brown in the lower left is the tarp covering the sandbox. 
We do use mulch probably not a GREEN thing to do. But it is easier on our backs. Besides we are fighting an infestation of spearmint (33years of it) and Morning Glories.

The new 8x10x8' high greenhouse is up---and has been centered in the yard. 
We haven't moved in yet, but it will be wonderful to have room to work.

This little patio in the garden holds the overflow of tomatoes and peppers. 
Once the old greenhouse is down there will be plenty of sun here and room for more pots.

The center of the garden has our old box spring---for supporting pickles. The springs hold the vines.

We had to turn the pump around on the trough pond for the new greenhouse. Um, hubby thinks rolled up hanging hoses are a decorating statement. Once the irrigation is hooked back up, they are gone.

So far we haven't used the hammock, lol. Too busy getting everything planted and keeping up with the grass. We compost all the grass clippings.

Our flowers are just really kicking off. One of my many frogs, gifted to me by my kids.
Some need freshening, that will be a great REDO project with the Grand.
I'm VERY allergic to bees and wasps.
My patio pots---are full of lemongrass, citronella, and mint as well as flowers. 
These are all GREEN mosquito, bee and wasp repellants, 
and reduce the amount of chemical sprays we use.
I move the pots around depending on where we are on the patio and what we are doing.
The viola pansies are lush with the cooler weather.

We have lots of comfortable shade in the backyard in the afternoon.

I use containers so I can move them around.

Our patio is a miss-mosh. Hubby buys whatever appeals to him, so the cushions are totally un-coordinated. Next year, I plan on covering them in some sort of cohesive manner after I purchase fabric on sale the end of the season. 

Walmart has added fabrics again in the Chicago, due to the closing of JoAnn stores and HancockFabrics disappearing. Walmart has an inexpensive selection of 
Outdoor Fabrics.

The Grand's furniture and toys are everywhere. But that is what summer is for. Here she has lots of room to run around and pretend play.

The new grill and grill patio have had a workout already this summer. 
The Grand's play set in front of the HE-Shed is in the background.

The side of the house holds plant pot overflow.

It's crazy how many tomatoes and peppers we have started from seed. 
Harvesting and canning will start in a month, also very late this year.

But flowers are the keystone of what I like to do.
 I have many REDO's and stashes for the garden
 to work on this summer.

This pond is still not hooked up---but, I have a new tray, to make shell tiers going down. 
The splatter on this pump has been difficult to direct. 
And I need to really trim back the bushes here. 
In my mind, I see two trays and then a large mosaic base eventually here.

My fairy hides in all the greenery.

Next problem. 
The 100-year rains we have every other week, puts seepage into the basement, again. 
We have multiple tarps draped along the NW side of the house. 
Short of spending 10K to have it all dug out and redone-we are extending the roof instead.
 MORE to follow on that project. 
PS---we are on a ridge, but the ground is clay and once water finds a path
to your foundation even two sump-pumps can't keep up.

Galardia next to my Zinnias.

Planter box on the garden rail.

Meanwhile, Sweet Peas for a parting view 
from our Chicagoland garden.


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  1. OK, Sandi seriously impressed with all your gardens and flowers and outdoor living and greenhouse and frames and .... loved reading you post today.

  2. Thank you Joy. We are just so far behind. Grins, Sandi


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