Sunday, June 25, 2017

Gardening in Chicagoland: June 2017

Front Yard: June 2017

We had two days last week to sneak out and catch sunlight--between storms.
The few days we have been able to work has been spent in the backyard 
reconstruction, planting pots, and basic clean up. 

Our season is way behind 
this year in Chicagoland from weather and specifically temperatures going from frost
 to 90's to cold to constant wet.
The Creeping Sedum along our beams softens their edges and are blooming like crazy.
The white pole was a squirrel protection for a feeder, that has deteriorated, another REDO project.

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Creeping Sedum. I bought a flat of 12 plants maybe 6 years ago. 
I dig up and divide every year to edge the beams in the yard.
Scattered around are pots and planters, which are between lush from rain, 
or anemic from the lack of sun. 
My Geranium on there right, is not happy. A transplanting maybe in the works for it.
Early morning light is always the most interesting for photographs.

This was a Caladium I bought fully grown. My Caladium  bulbs froze when I planted them in early May, even in the greenhouse.
I have three planters along the garage walkway--I added some new items along with the potato vine which does wonderful here. Note all the debris--from our storms.

This green and white crawler---is some sort of succulent. I have lost the label. 
I will buy them again, it has tripled in size in two weeks

I think this OLD chair takes Shabby to a new sad level. Another Redo on the horizon.

And this poor OLD bench will bite the dust at the end of the summer. Particularly, the salt from winter---which we must put on this corner has eaten the legs. 
The bench has been hung on the wall, I have some OLD porch posts to REDO here. 
Meanwhile, color greets you at the front of the garage.

 Clean-up  has been hard to keep up with---with back to back storms.

This clematis and frozen, it's early growth stopped in its tracks, but its coming back now.

Along with the rain, we are now dealing with an excess of bugs everywhere. We use as many 
safe and organic products as possible. Soap water works the best on the pots.
We live in a lake community---where everything ends up in our lake, so it's a GREEN thing to do.

I don't know if everything this pot will make it, but love the crazy giant frond things, 
I've used potato fine, bluebonnets, 12" Marigolds.

My pots are in various states of blossoming. Too much rain fills all the saucers, I finally removed them until the pots dry out. Dianthus, purple petunias and golden baby tears.
 Golden baby tears, petunias, impatience and Coleus in this pot.
My pots should be lovely in a month. 

The front arbor is lush---

The front arbor is lush---Climbing roses are crazy with blooms. This is after I clipped blooms off.
---for this is a 50% shade spot.

Early in the morning, it's full sun here. Lilies and Tiger lilies are the next bloom.

Under the maple tree on the front walk, my Tea Roses from Mother's day last year.

A giant variegated Hosta---All the Hostas are HUGE this year.

Under the maple tree are planters, Coral Bells, Tea Roses, a Mum, and Hostas. 
The hanging pot is new Impatiens I haven't seen before, almost a ruffle. We are sticking to 
peachy/orange tones. I use purple, red and limes as a loose color scheme.
The OLD urn is one that I bought last Fall in a thrift store for $3.00. I love it here.

Under the front windows of the house, 
The ornamental grasses have morphed and are out of control. 
I have Astilbe, Iris, Giant (red) Sedum and Marigolds in here. 
All my other perennials have froze out, sadly.
The bird houses are all in need of freshening. 
This area needs a major GREEN REDO.

I want to make the mosaic ball the focus, some serious digging maybe required.

On the porch we have four long planters with flowers/herbs/and lettuce mixed together. 
I'll share more once we get the gutters cleaned and the porch presentable. Sigh!

Well, I have to go spray for bugs and pull more weeds, and chop more overgrowth. 
OH, and DUMP saucers full of water, 
BLUB, BLUB, BLUB, from wet Chicagoland. 

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Beautiful garden and great photos!I hope you have a sunny week!

  2. You have a beautiful garden! Out of curiosity what do you use to water your plants? do you have a garden water butt or harvest rainwater in any way?

  3. Thank you for visiting, Hannah. We have four rain barrels attached to the house and one on the shed. This year we have not had to use water from those until this last two weeks. My husband has small sprinklers/hoses attached for along the fences, which just spray the beds themselves. Pots I water myself if need be, and again we have really only had to do that this last two weeks.

    The main garden is easily covered with a sprinkler, but Mostly I was dumping saucers all summer. We have our own well, so water is not a problem, unless they force us to eventually use a municipal water system, this I know is a luxury here in the Great Lakes region compared to the rest of the country. I do choose plants species of perennials that are native to our area, so they are mostly drought and heat tolerant. We do not water lawns, if that helps at all. Thanks for your interest, happy gardening.


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