Thursday, January 12, 2017

OLD NEW GREEN REDO Projects for 2017

----Or what I didn't get done in 2016, LOL.

I hate to say goals---because seriously---I've gotten a little old for goals. Waking up is a goal, but finishing anything else is simply a project completed, or not.

While everyone else in blog-land organized, purged, and set goals, we were simply recovering from our 2016 house remodel. I still spend huge amounts of time, trying to locate things that were moved umpteen times during 2016. Purges were made, and new organization set in place, and daily we still tweak each room. Hubby spent about four days rearranging his bedroom last week and at least a week clearing out the office in the basement.

Have you ever spent oodles of time looking for something that you actually donated or given away? Chortle!

Seriously---while the NEW Farmhouse kitchen organization is wonderful, but last week I spent at least an hour looking for my vacuum sealer. We finally realized it never made it back into the kitchen and is somewhere packed?  What really scares me, is what might be with it in a bin, that I haven't even missed.

So a list of Projects/Goals for early 2017. Not very pretty, but definitely necessary.

1) Find the vacuum sealer (and whatever else is in the missing bin.)

2) DIY REDO-Paint the bathroom cabinetry in our teeny master bath blue, NEW hardware, and paint the room trim a nice glistening white. (This was on my list for last year.) Also reorganize and refresh.


3) Paint this OLD vintage 1940's sewing table, and find a larger top, REDO (preferably a wood or metal tray).

I'm seriously contemplating decoupaging to REDO
 the inside and reutilizing the sewing tray and spool hooks.

4) Paint and put up the OLD organ top shelf in the bedroom and finally dress the walls. (This should clear 2 underbed drawers of stashed REDO items.

Some of the vintage finds in my two drawers which are full.

This print was a gift, and one of the inspirations for the color on the walls of the bedroom.
5) New or Old vintage purchase: Find a rug for the bedroom @ 3'x5' that is non-slip and not too ugly. I have been looking, difficult at my price point and color combo.

6) NO BEFORE PICTURE of Craft/Clay room REDO- roughly 700 sq.ft. === because I don't want the Fire Marshall here writing me a ticket. I will take pictures when it is 'safe', LOL.

This will be a monumental task, as there is so much stuff in there. Curate, organize, purge, donate, or sell.  (This should be number one on the list, but I don't have the energy to make it number one right now.

   Planned physical changes needed for the craft room and storage space.
     a) Remove wall between the two rooms and make wall storage on West end. Plan is to have '
         24 feet of wall storage behind curtains or doors. I'm thinking canvas tarps on wire?
 This is key and involves ripping out old clay shop fixtures, sink and cabinets.
     b) Lay NEW plastic/wood covered tile for a floor base in that room to prepare for vinyl flooring.
     c) Reinstall all the old kitchen cabinetry and storage units into the room. (Eventually paint them)
     d) Redo the lighting and electrical. No more dangling cords from the ceiling please.
     e) Hubby wants to REDO water runs to master bath above with larger pipe and to the exterior faucet and lay a plan for NEW additional bath/shower in the basement to be added later. Upside, there can be a sink in the craft room...YAY!
7) Add at least 100 vintage or craft stash items to my Etsy shop by March 15.

8) For Fun: REDO the Victorian Barbie Mansion for Gramma's Room. Yes, this one is for me, but for the Grand to play with when she is here.

Plans are to REDO a new second floor to the Victorian Barbie House. Add a new floor to the kitchen and the living room extension. Make a NEW double bunk bed and linens. Think of this house as a hotel, with 5 Barbies, 2 Kellys and 3 Kens.
Lower the table for better play access. The extra bedroom, itself needs to be reconfigured so we can have Grand sleepovers. Right now, we can't pull out the trundle bed.
 This will also involve some major purging and reorganization in that room.
Hope you will join me in one of these projects, grins! 

Thanks always for visiting. 
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  1. You are going to be SO busy ! Sure hope your take pictures as you go through each project and share the how and then and whats happening now etc.

  2. Hopefully---I'm bad at remembering to do photos....but thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  3. We have the same thinking redo redo,I'm so tired of the same ,I have had my house the same so long.
    I did not take pictures ,I still can , put not the same I put things away.
    I wish us luck will be looking at what you are doing

  4. Redo-ing anything becomes a pain as we get older. Good luck on your projects, Sandi and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Redo-ing anything becomes a pain as we get older. Good luck on your projects, Sandi and thanks for stopping by.

  6. Well, you'll be busy to the max! I need to redo bathroom cabinets myself but when you started talking about taking down the wall -- well, that's when I bowed my head in submission. Bravo -- you're a far braver woman than I!

    1. LOL, in my younger days---Hubby came home and I had knocked a 6 foot wide hole in a lathe and plaster wall--for closet doors. We lived in an old victorian which had these long skinny closets like hallways---totally useless. Upside we discovered that there were ducts in the walls of our 1905 Victorian---connected to the fireplace on the main floor.Apparently they were plastered over sometime earlier. In this house we have moved 4 walls and added three doorways---one of the advantages of a ranch house. Grins, thanks for stopping by, Sandi.

  7. Sandi,
    Thanks for sharing with us this week at Brag About It! Sounds like you have a lot to accomplish and that is a wonderful thing. Looking forward to seeing the progress and you check each item off your list! Have a great week ahead!

    1. Laurie, thanks for stopping by. So far---I think the post is all I have accomplished, lol. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  8. Looking forward to seeing all of your finished projects.

    1. Um, my posting of projects was simply to 'witness' an intention, I hope to actually do something when the weather cooperates, been too cold to get much of anything done here. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  9. I agree, let's call them projects. Enough goal setting! :) Whatever you do, I know it will be fab! Hubby and I just finished our first project, but I've yet to blog about it. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Thanks again Jann, suppose posting intentions, is something, lol. Sandi


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