Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vintage on my Bedroom Desk

Our Christmas is put away, almost. 
I have to confess, I'm always behind, putting it up-taking it down. 
I already miss the twinkle lights.

Speaking of light---here in Chicagoland we have screaming sunshine or depressing dark gray days. 
Either light creates issues with the camera. After I pulled my battery twinkles off my ivy topiary--which has really filled out from when I did the DIY post in 2015
I played with redressing the desk in the bedroom.

I started with a cloth over the dark wood top, underlined with blue vinyl since I have the topiary here now. The tablecloth is vintage Quaker lace, which has mellowed to a nice pale ecru or warm white. 
It very thick small tablecloth was my grandmother's circa the 1930's. 

" In 1889, the three sons of a successful English carpet weaver named John Bromley started a textile business called Bromley manufacturing. The three brothers imported lace looms from Nottingham, England to pursue their vision of producing machine made lace textiles. In 1894, the company was renamed Lehigh Manufacturing, after the street name in Philadelphia where the factory was located. A second factory was opened, a short time later, just a little further up the same street. In 1911, the business was renamed Quaker Lace Company." 
Source For more Quaker Lace info check this site out.

My oversize turtle dove (we have three pair at our feeders) 
was packed away with the Christmas lights.

I have no idea how many pieces of lace I have---quite a bit, and that's on the docket for 2017, to organize and cull all my collections from my stashes.
 This sweet runner became a pot cover--or corset for the holidays.

I  ran some gold ribbon through the edges and 'dressed' the pot. 
Since I am using items with gold/brass accents I left the 'corset' on for January.
I think this is better than an ugly old gray pot.

I did the photos in two shoots, one with too much sun, and one with not enough.
My sweet bust, found her way to the center of the table.
 I realize in this pic, how much she looks like Princess Di with her down cast eyes. 
My mom's art nouveau cast iron mirror I use for displaying jewelry for my shop. 
Here it displays a vintage 12k gold chain I found at a show in a $3.00 bin. 

I perched some kid gloves with fabulous stitching on the mirror, 
but then it hides the maid on the base.

The dresser set is my main focal point, and was my mother's. A gift from my father in 1939. He complained that he unloaded two train cars of cabbages before school to earn the money to buy it. 
The were high school sweethearts, and my mom treasured this, even when it was no longer in style.

Mom must have thought about Dad every night for the 5 years he was in the service during WWII. Back in those days you brushed your hair one-hundred strokes a night while worrying about his safety.

The tray/mirror is beginning to do that vintage crackle craze thing---I just love the blue and the little handprinted roses on the enamel. A string that held the tag for Christmas, is still attached, the tag has simply shattered. I tossed some vintage pearls and earrings on the tray, 
and the gloves moved here also.

The pearls were on the mirror for a day or so, before. The cut glass jar with the brass top was my 
mom's. I'm not sure if it is a family piece or something she collected. 

I vaguely remember this having a bit of silver on it at one time, but now it is beautiful burnished brass with wonderful Victorian cherubs and flourishes in the raised relief.

The glass is thick, smooth cut and pressed with a great leaf pattern. I just love the feel of old glass.
I'm sure this piece is from the 1880-90s.

This little strange piece, is three mismatches, an Avon plastic soap dish, a milk glass dish with brass feet, and a pressed glass dome, none of which belong together. 
I picked this up at a thrift store, just because it was funky.
 I placed some pearl earrings and a beautiful shell inside.

I have a Japan Moriage shaker or I use them for stick pins, when I have them out.
To be honest, I have no idea where they are. And I do have a bunch.

As dusk falls, I turn on the lamp--and it casts a new light on everything.
My mom's lamp is ceramic with crazing from the late 1960-early 70's. I've never seen another like it, 
I'm glad it finally found a place in our home. 
The desk is still a work in progress, and will shift and change much like our Chicago weather.

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  1. That was a nice visit,The tables is so pretty and a lot of thought Your mother had many pretty things
    I will be back

    1. My crazy family had some real treasures. As I collected myself over the years, I didn't realize I would eventually have to pick and choose what to keep and display. Thanks for your visit, Sandi

  2. Such a lovely dresser filled with such beautiful things... love love the topiary embellished by lace...


    1. Thanks Cielo, the runner fix was a quick thought---as I had a stack of linens sitting waiting to be put away before the holidays. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  3. What a beautiful Victorian inspired vignette Sandi, so pretty! I like your crystal jar piece. Is it a humidor?
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi, Gina. I don't think the jar was a humidor. I believe it is too short for cigars and there is no sealing mechanism in the lid. But thanks so much for the stop by and kind words, Sandi

  4. Your photos are lovely. The glass photographs so well and lace is always a treat.

    I leave those lights up well into February -- we're just across the lake from you in Michigan and I know what you mean about the dark gloomy days and early sundown. Those little lights get me through the winter!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments Jeanie. Yes, the days are getting longer now----hopefully, we will get out of this gray period soon. Smiles, Sandi

  6. Such beautiful treasures you have from your mom! A truly lovely arrangement. Wonderful story about the dresser gift to your mom from your dad! Thanks for sharing with us today at Brag About It.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Laurie. Yes, those are my favorite things, Sandi

  8. I remember my Mother having a set like your's which she had forever, and probably was a gift from my Dad in the early 40's, too! Such lovely items you have on your desk. I've been lingering over each photograph. Your idea for the "lace corset" for the pot is awesome!

  9. Aw thanks, I hope your dad didn't have to load cabbages, lol. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  10. So many wonderful heirloom pieces Sandi. I love learning about Quaker Lace and your moms dresser set is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks Jann, so many old American companies which are worth knowing and seeking items from. Thanks for sponsoring SYC, Sandi

  11. I so enjoyed seeing all of your special vintage pieces, Sandi. I LOVE the dresser jar with the brass lid--gorgeous!! Thanks so much for sharing your posts with us at Vintage Charm :)

  12. Thanks, Diana. I think at one time it may have been silvered on the top, not sure. I do remember polishing a silver dresser set, frames and I thought that piece, but I'm not sure. I don't even know if it is family's or not. Because she just always had it. Thanks for stopping by and for hosting Vintage Charm, always my favorite to peruse. Sandi

  13. I am totally in love with your desk from lace to silver, to pearls.


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