Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Past Projects and Fun

I've only been blogging for one Christmas season, but thought I would 
share a few of last years posts.

DIY Christmas Tree Shaped Topiary
We made an ivy topiary from a tomato cage. This year it has filled out so much, 
can't wait to put some fairy lights in it for the holidays.

Inside I shared some DIY cookie trays.
DIY Making Tiered Cookie Trays

Loving vintage I tried a NEW/OLD Christmas Tin Tree. 
This was great for hiding real sweets in over the holiday season.

Vintage Christmas Tins Tree

My family traditions and my inherited Copenhagen porcelain.

Christmas Traditions and Copenhagen Porcelain
My family traditions and the blue and white porcelain in my china cabinet.
Vintage Christmas Kitchen
Christmas in the old kitchen.  Goodness, I hung the Jule Nisse stitchery to hide the ugliness of the  beat up cabinets. How short is a year after a remodeling?

Vintage Christmas Kitchen
Christmas pig noshing down on acorns with vintage everywhere.

Vintage Christmas Kitchen
A child's apron, I was 8 to 10 when I received this from my aunts in Denmark.

Granny's Ornaments
I was on a hunt to replace wax ornaments of my grandmother's. Gurley wax ornaments.

Vintage DIY Terracotta Gingerbread Village

We toured my Christmas village made with terra-cotta houses, and vintage ones.

Wonderland Express at Botanic Gardens

Wonderland Express at the Botanic Gardens

We went on a tour of the Chicago Botanic Gardens and road the Wonderland Express.
DIY Barbie House moving in for Christmas

Decorating the DIY Barbie House for Christmas had to be the MOST fun!
Junkin Finds for the Front Porch

Decking out the front porch for the holidays just before the storm.

Cushions for the Front Porch
Vintage tablecloths into cushions
Junkin' Finds for the Front Porch

Making an arrangement for the holidays, focal point for the front porch.

Just in time, 
Mid-November 2015-a year ago---in Chicagoland, those are pumpkin lights, not Christmas lights! 

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  1. This is a beautiful collection Christmas of beautiful memories.

  2. Thanks, just haven't got my Christmas on this year, YET...grins, thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  3. The sleigh, the vintage ornaments and the gorgeous bin of aluminum molds. I can imagine an afternoon in your home checking out and asking about the stories behind all your vintage goods.

    I very much enjoyed the read. Thank you for sharing.

  4. ah, Leanna, you are welcome at any time. Grins and thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  5. ah, Leanna, you are welcome at any time. Grins and thanks for stopping by, Sandi


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