Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Kitchen REDO Done:Dining Area

Have you ever had a paintbrush in your hand as company came up the walk? 

I almost did.


First coat on Monday before Thanksgiving.

The BEFORE picture.

Our OLD dining area was the last of our farmhouse kitchen to be finished... 
we impatiently waited for the NEW wallpaper to arrive.

 The cabinet REDO took two coats of satin enamel in off-white to match the IKEA kitchen cabinets.

I had hemmed and hawed about painting the blue cabinet, it had been blue for so long. 
This was a furniture rescue from a second hand store in 1980's. 
It had been a store fixture and in a fire.
 I dragged it home and hubby rebuilt and sanded it down (all the burned finish) 
and it fit perfectly in that corner. 
The bottom has tons of storage for craft supplies, candles, serving pieces and vases. 

My inspiration is shown above. Note, I did get my wallpaper at Sherwin-Williams, basically the only place to buy wallpaper within 15 miles, here in Chicagoland. REALLY?
I just couldn't do it online because of matching colors. 

We chose the red wallpaper for the lower walls and the ticking stripe for the bits of walls not covered in cupboards. We only needed to order a double roll of each.
 The stripes also have a creamy background to warm up all the white ceiling. 

 I think the creamy background sets off the porcelain blue/whites nicely. 
Wednesday night before Thanksgiving I put up my plates. 
 I had to pick and choose from my huge family stash.
 These OLD plates date from the 1940's to the 2000's.
 I still have MANY to find places to hang. 
I had them sprinkled all over the soffits in the OLD kitchen.

These plates are the oldest of my grandmother's and great-grandmother's. 
They are a mixture of Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl Christmas plates-dating back to 1906. These are quite moody and simplistic in their design and portray the long Danish winters and the dreamy half-light a northern country is subject to during those months. Denmark, Land of the midnight sun, and endless night.

Granny's bowls from this previous POST are now on top of the corner cabinet.
You can just see a glimpse of the lower walls with the red denim paper. When all the chairs are paint creamy white, I think it will show up more.

It was terribly dreary day to get pictures, but I tried. 
I have to find some wonderful piece of vintage stitchery to put over that TV.  
I haven't put tons of stuff on the sidewalls by the cabinet. 
I'm trying to edit, but losing the soffits in the old kitchen 
has left me with totes brimming with plates, crocks, and tins.

Its was was a different story when the NEW light was on in the cabinet. 

We had one of the under cabinet lights left from the kitchen cabinets. 
This NEW stick light has a small switch and is LED. So far, it has been on all the time.
Love my hubby, he tubed all the cords, mounting them in the corner and they disappeared.

My grandmother's OLD very OLD kitchen window sill people. 
I never asked her where they came from. 
They are all unmarked porcelain. 
My mom had them on her window sill for over 20 years.
 My sill is too narrow to house the, so they have been in the cabinet.
 The small people are a salt and pepper, the lady is a bell.
 Wooden shoes and pointed caps were also common in Denmark,
 though I think these are Dutch.

I have used some OLD plates with more color. I think the cabinet will morph into being,
 and change seasonally. The OLD creamer and sugar are marked Japan, 1950's maybe.

The turkeys kept sneaking in the pictures.
 Grandmother's coffeepot is filled with three generations of handmade wooden spoons. 
I have a few Spode plates in the cabinet, for the moment. 
The OLD vintage vase is signed Delft.

 An OLD salt pot, and the top of my farmer's scale, is unmarked.
 I really do love the warmth of the stripes.

The odd bit of wall by the pantry with the new wallpaper. It really sets off the NEW moldings.


 Hubby put the stripes above the roaster shelves in the back hall.
 I really do need to REDO that wall.
The hole on the top shelf is because of the HUGE roaster is in the oven with the turkey.

 So paint still curing, wallpaper still drying, family coming up the walk, taking the paintbrush out of my mouth, Turkey in the oven --and
we were ready, PHEW---for Thanksgiving.

I'm Thankful, we are done

with the Kitchen REDO remodeling project of 2016!

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  1. Wow - you have accomplished so much!!

    1. Thanks Bernideen and now I get to do Christmas, restrained, lol. Sandi

  2. Well, red is my favorite, so you already know what I think! Gorgeous redo! The cabinet looks great and how lucky you are to have such a wonderful collection from your grandmother. What a treasure!

    1. It's a big change, but a natural one to go to red. We have had burgundy/red on the outside and in the living room, so it works. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  3. How blessed you are to have your grandmother's collection! Everything looks beautiful and thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great week.

  4. I love the under cabinet light, it really helps showcase the shelf. I wish I had your husband's skills in hiding cords!

  5. Hi, Audra. There are small cord tubes----at the hardware store that have clips that mount by screws. It's kinda tricky snapping them shut, but once they are all the cords are gone...wunderbar! Thanks for stopping by, Sandi


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