Friday, October 21, 2016

Junkin' Finds:October 2016

October has flown by here. I have snuck away from the dust and mayhem for a few hours of junkin' in some thrift stores here in Illinois. I have a few things to share.

My vintage finds for a couple of weeks. I have been restrained with so many things still packed away from the house remodel. Totes of goodies, I will have to sell, donate, or reuse in some way.

 This sweet print in an old frame painted a hideous mauve, I mean dead mauve or mourning mauve, we used to call it. That kinda-purple-gray-mauve you wouldn't want anywhere and it was so popular in the late 40's used with gray and teal and lime green, ugh! In the floral design world, I was so happy when mauve morphed into burgundy in the 1990's.

I love the sweet little bluebird in the foreground with some pale pink peonies. I'm thinking a white frame will allow the cooler tones of this print pop.

Something so sweet about a child's innocent face. If there is an artist mark, it's under the matt in the old frame. I won't find out until, I'm ready to paint it. Glass not corralled within a frame tends to get broken around here.

Sometimes I buy things just for educational purposes.  I was pretty sure this was a repro by the feel of this piece. Too perfect, and very sharp edges, and purchased for $1.99.  I found this is a Mosser log- cabin pitcher  (I thought for syrup) and a reproduction from the 1970's in beautiful caramel colored slag glass. The originals are most often clear and go for a pretty penny.

Mosser site states:  "Mosser Glass, located in Cambridge, Ohio, has been manufacturing quality hand-pressed glass products for over thirty years. Our handcrafted glassware lines consist of Carnival, Vaseline, and Opalescent, as well as hand-decorated pieces."

With the failure of old glass companies during the mid-century, many antique molds were purchase and then later reproduced in the 70's: think carnival, jadeite, coin glass, EAPG and many others. As the real thing became too expensive for the general market eventually new companies began to do reproductions. Mosser established in 1970, continues to produce today, and no doubt if you own a contemporary white or green glass cake plate, it was produced by Mosser.

A key to new/reproduction glass, is it is too perfect in color and often with sharper edges than originals. New pieces are often slightly smaller than the originals. Some manufacturers' mark theirnreproductions with a new mark, others none at all. This pitcher has no mark.

I don't consider this a loss, as I was correct in my original assumption. If it feels new---it still maybe vintage and 40 or so years old, like this piece. Just don't pay original prices.

I picked up three pieces of this perfect dresser or chair set: a large oval with the poppy motif on both ends and tatted trim, and two smaller ovals with the ladder framing and leaves only, $1.99 for the three pieces.


The color was so rich and the linen so perfect, I had to have them.

A single salt shaker, probably Nippon very enticing with its free form applied gilding over the hand painted roses. I have picked a few salt shakers for their interesting glaze or design treatments. And they can be oh-so pretty.

This one is probably from the early 1900's.

Unmarked, but a steal at $1.99.

I love blue, and I love fine handwork. Two tea towels, totally covered in shades of blue stitching. 
Only 50cents apiece.

These are very reminiscent of my Royal Copenhagen Flowers pattern dinnerware.
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Here's another piece I bought because it was really cheap---and I wanted to research it. Style looks to be 1920's-30's.  Marked Made in Japan and a logo (might be an elephant)in the middle.

No luck finding this exact mark, best guess is 1920's-30's. Other styles of this type of pitcher were also made in Czechoslovakia at that same time. Painted with black and red on top of the yellow glaze, have worn off.

The original paint was actually quite garish with striped wings and orange comb, with beady black eyes and red striped handle. I will probably scrub this clean and be happy with a yellow bird pitcher in good condition. It's about 4.75" tall.

I love lace that is soft and made with fine materials. This particular piece had nice soft drape to it, 
probably with some rayon in the threads. It's larger than a placemat, so nice for a dresser or table center. I will put it in my stash for projects, it's just the slightest off-white.

Lots of detail in their piece, definitely older than the 1980-90's mass produced country style 
batten burg lace. This is finer stitches and not the least bit stiff.

This is a large table piece...probably 60x80. Again this was made with high quality 
silky cotton. Nice pattern, has excellent drape and might be wonderful worked on a quilt, or in some bohemian drapes?

Someone had a ton of patience in these motifs and then all linked together and it was in perfect condition for $3.00. A steal!

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  1. O my ms lady i wanna thrift with you I will take the picture of the little girl and the shaker and the blue linens to start lol... They are all lovely I went today but didn't find much couple little fake pumpkins and a nice olive green and gold runner brand new.. A small piece of christmas material couple of other things.. All in all I got out of the house too. Panice disorder tends to keep you in and I have to push myself out... Wishing you a lovely weekend my dear with love Janice

  2. Some lovely old items with pure charm!

  3. I love the picture of the little girl with the bird. That is adorable. You found some great things on your thrift time. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Awesome finds.. I love the salt shaker..

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  5. You found some very great finds! I need to go with you! I love those beautiful tea towels with the blue stitching! Oh my, those are beautiful! I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed week!!!

  6. Wonderful finds!! Love that sweet print!!
    Thanks so much for visiting!!

  7. Hi Sandi! Your print is just darling and your embroidered pieces are beautiful. I'm drawn especially to the blue and white today :) Thanks for linking up your finds with us at Vintage Charm--

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