Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Supporting Fine Arts and Crafts #1

Visiting Midwest Artist-Kellie Truppa

Good morning, grab a cup of coffee and sit down
and enjoy some NEW stunning artisan works by Kellie Truppa.

Every now and then, I'm going to showcase an artist who works with an OLD vintage feel, or GREEN recycled materials, or is just darn gorgeous. 
And, Kellie Truppa's work demonstrates all of these.


Unbelievably, this was Kellie's first art show, and she has apparently been doing this intricate beadwork for quite awhile. We found her at a small art fair on the square in Palatine, Illinois earlier this month. Her inspiration for this piece was the ceramic medallion as the focal point.


 I love the way she echoes the motifs and works them through the whole piece.

While we gushed and 'ooh-ed and ahh-ed', Kellie told us she is basically self taught. She chooses natural stones or materials and found pieces...and 
lets the key focal dictate her other choices of beads and stones. 
I can't emphasize how gorgeous these pieces are. The subtle mix of the natural stones and iridescent beads, besides the intricate designs, were breathtaking.


She had quite a few larger pieces elegantly displayed on black velvet 
and a few accessories in her booth. 
One side was filled with bracelets, that my pictures didn't quite catch. 
So I'm just going to show these stunning necklaces.


Here you can see the wide variety of beads and stones she uses, 
all had stitched onto a backing and then lined with microsuede. 
I should have taken a picture of the back of one of her unfinished pieces,
 as the web of threads is art work in itself.


 I love the Egyptian feel of this piece. 
We recommended she contact the Natural History Museum gift shop here in Chicago, 
for that venue would be perfect for this gorgeous work.


Here the natural Carnelian and Malachite stones and beads are accented 
with several different kinds of gold and metallic beads.

 Here's Kellie generously sharing her process and her goody box of unfinished pieces, 
each one more beautiful then the last.

The box of works in progress.


 Here is how she begins a work...starting with the focal bits and then building out. 
All the beads are stitched onto a base of felt like fabric. 
She told us everything is double stitched so nothing will ever become detatched or lost. 

I love the rustic look of this piece with the wood-like stones surrounded with the pearl beads. 
The backing is eventually trimmed away and the face-lined with microsuede. 
The edges are then enclosed by beading and stitching the collar shut. 

Wow! This one is going to be a stunner, I can see it now...with just a touch of bling with those iridescent Czech glass cabochons encircled with stone-toned beads. 

Kellie says, she is never quite sure where the design is going to take her and takes the organic approach of 'going with it for the ride'.

Even the simpler designs are intricate, 
here the focal stone dictates the bead rings in the collar. 
Remember every stone and bead is double stitched 
to the backing with amazing craftsmanship.

Kelli has yet to start a website...but can be reached by email, please send your comments or inquiries to her or here, because this work needs to be appreciated and seen. 
Kellie Truppa -- k.truppa@att.net

Hope you enjoyed visiting an artist's work.

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  1. Wow, what a talent! Truly gorgeous pieces!!

  2. I can't even imagine the entire process and time! It's all so intricate and beautiful. Thanks for sharing her amazing talent

    1. Thanks for visiting Carol, yes her work is amazing and truly needs to be recognized. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Sandi, thank you for sharing the work of this amazing artist. I love what she designs with beads and stones. Just incredible. The amount of work involved and the time to create these treasures is outstanding.
    Loved this post.
    Thank you also for stopping back by and your kind comment. You bless me with your visits my friend.
    Hugs and Happy Fall, cm

    1. Celestina, I was hoping someone would enjoy this incredible work, thanks so much for stopping by, and hugs back, Sandi

  4. Wow...her work is exquisite. Creative, original, and beautiful quality...thank you for sharing!

  5. These are stunning! So much detail in every one and the end result is incredible. Thanks for sharing these beauties at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  6. My goodness she is an amazing artist! her work is beautiful.

  7. My goodness she is an amazing artist! her work is beautiful.

  8. What ART!! Such a lovely art form. So glad you shared this. Have a great week, Lynn

  9. Gorgeous pieces! Such a natural talent, her work is amazing!

  10. Now that's a true artist - how gorgeous !!!


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