Monday, September 28, 2015

My Fall Decorating: Natural, Formal, or Spooky?

I was digging in my photo archives, as I just started blogging this summer and wish I had a stash of pics for everything under the sun, but I don't. I'm still struggling with Fall decor. 
So many ideas out there, but I want to stay within my own comfort zone and my home's limitations.

 If I had a huge house, this would be my choice over a fireplace or credenza. This was from The Chicago Botanic Gardens wreath contest a few years back, I can't read the exhibitors name, but I
thought it was amazing. Anyone who wishes to claim it, I will be glad to post your name.

My upclose shot was far more in focus...I love natural Fall colors and the simplicity of nature. 
Here and there in my home, will always be naturals, which go so well with my fabrics and rugs.

My last year's assortment of gourds and fresh pumpkins.
 I don't have as many to choose from this year. 
This simple arrangement sat on our coffee table as we had a two-year old everyday for seven weeks during the Fall 2014 season. So breakables were placed out of reach.

This year,  I've chosen(and the decorator squirrel) naturals for on our Front Porch.

 Last year I used fresh pumpkins and the huge selection of gourds from the garden. 
The sparkly pumpkin was a thrift store find, enhanced with bits and pieces, berries and a tiny bit 
of glitz from Angel hair. (It doesn't shed like glitter.)

Last week, the kitchen table for hosting a coffee. 
The OLD flower pot saucer holds tomatoes, squash, and dried gourds from our GREEN garden and faux leaves and pears. My granny's bluebird (Copley or McCoy)
 looks on, from the side of one the OLD GoodWill sugared faux pumpkins. 
The napkins are NEW from IKEA.
 I love IKEA paper goods, they are thick and substantial for a reasonable price.
The arrangement is the dried version from Monday's Wash Day  .
 Next post will be the entire table setting and Pumpkin Spice Apple muffins.

From Natural, I would love to go into FORMAL decorating; this could be my style.
Last weekend in Naperville, Illinois at an art show on the River Walk, we ventured up the hill into town and stumbled across this little shop of wonders, called Little Luxuries
Basically a floral and Interior design shop with wonderful accessories. 

If only I had a formal house with a huge front walkway, these topiary planters were gorgeous and just dripping with sunflowers, pumpkins, amaranthus, hops, vines and berries.

These topiaries and the window made you-HAVE TO-walk in.
 The store was packed with (too many) people and gorgeous product, 
ideas everywhere. and barely elbow room enough to take pictures. 
So, do visit their FB page. 

Little Luxuries went big into door swags and velvet pumpkins, lots of texture and color.
 Feathers were everywhere, and lots whimsy. 
Their **AWESOME **was their SPOOKY!

This Halloween Cabinet was at least 10 feet high... 
Skulls and skeleton hands reached out of everything: pots, wreaths, 
arrangements, swags, and furniture. 
Lighting and spiderwebs cast and eerie glow,
and SPOOKY decor with lots of purple, orange and green and bright fall leaves. 
Glitz was there, but not overwhelming, more shiny than glitter.

The cabinet was flanked on both sides by skeleton Mardi Gras colors and feathers, 
lots of feathers and grass. Sorry it was out of focus, I was dodging customers.

Looking up---stark lighting, pheasant feathers and glittered was awesome.
BUT, How SPOOKY can you get with a 3-year old grandgirl I wonder?

Last year I had spiders everywhere with the pumpkins and gourds and that was about it, because of the two-year old around through the whole season.
How far can I go, this year???
Spiders were bad enough, but they were sparkly and googlie-eyed, so that made it okay.

The black netting came from vegetable bags...and was great to surround the hurricane, candles and a glass pitcher filled with ears of corn. The tablecloth was a great print, I will probably use it again.

I found these sparkly spiders to spice SPOOKY up..., Grandgirl should love them to go with the copper and black ones, I already have.
Last three magentas sparkle spiders at Party City for $1.49 each.
 I need to maybe add some more interesting things this year.

I've already promised this Guinea Hen feather thingy to E, I'm sure she will come up with something spectacular- $2 at GoodWill. 

 I've roamed the stores for ideas. This was our local JoAnn's Fabrics, the same day they set up the two pumpkin aisles. I have a couple of pumpkins to decorate...but which way to go, lol.

Sometimes, I think going white, must be easier---because there are less choices, but my home is all about color and which way should I choose?

My favorite though were these glitter polka dot ones, and judging from the holes on the shelves, they were other's favorites also.

I think these were at Michael's.  Scaredy Cats would be safe and would go with polka-dot pumpkins.
Hard to tell what a three-year old may shy away from. 
She is terrified of her Uncle's (hissy) fat REAL cats.

But then she has a demonic streak too, she wants to be an "Avengers" or be Nick Fury...for her
Three-year old birthday party.

LOL...perhaps I need to make one of her photos look like these spooky ones, (from Michael's) with her wearing an eye patch and a long dark coat. Samuel Jackson would be proud, LOL.

Such is my dilema, Natural, Formal or Spooky?

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  1. Sandi, I love the corn wreath. That is awesome, but our place is too small to store something that size. I've got some faux pumpkins I'm anxious to share but my blog is in the final makeover stage and I'll do my first blog post on it for either tomorrow or Wednesday, hopefully.

  2. Super, Carol, we miss your posts...yes the wreath was huge, but I'm going to look for some popcorn cobs??? Maybe that will be the correct scale. Thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  3. I smiled reading this post. I like to many things and always want to try multiple styles. As fun as the spooky is, and as grand as the formal looks, the natural speaks to me. These are the things that always meant Fall in my life and they bring back good memories. Visiting from SYC. So glad to have found this great post. Cheers.

  4. Hi Sandi, I hopping over from Jann's party. I love the photos from the gift shop. I like spooky but don't do too much spooky. Semi formal with neutrals is usually the way I go. Welcome to blogland.
    Let's Add Sprinkles.

    1. Oh my gosh, yes....must have more sprinkles, just like cowbell...LOL. Thanks for stopping by, I pretty much have naturals, or faux naturals with some farm touches and occasionally some glitz(sprinkles).

  5. I'm pretty much with you...a bit of fabric and some naturals, mostly everywhere. Thanks so much for coming over, Sandi.

  6. What great decor ideas you have. I could spend alot of time poking around in that shop.

    1. thanks so much for stopping by…yes, the shop was delicious---in a wicked way!

  7. Sandi, I don't stick with anyone style. I am eclectic and have a mixture throughout my home. I love natural, but have to have a bit of spooky! Fun spooky, not gory! My house could easily be decorated formal, but that's just not this old gal! lol! Lots of fun inspiration! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. Thank you for sharing this post to the Holiday Decorating Party. Sheila


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