Monday, June 22, 2020

Midwest Gardening: Monday June Poorman's Bouquet

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We had incessant heat last week and no rain for seven days. Saturday we had RAIN and heat, yesterday was lovely for a quiet family cookout, and today more rain and heat! Which is better than watering everywhere.


Late this afternoon, I cruised the yard to check on what might still need to be watered. Here and there, flowers are beginning to bloom. We are ecstatic that old rose bushes are blooming, actually gushing with these roses. I cut these from the backyard trellis. A climbing rose, the clustered blossoms are simply a gorgeous deep crimson.  


One lone Del Oro Gold Day lily was blooming, I snatched a stem, as there will be lots more.


I picked three variegated Hosta leaves for a base, but the fun was....

...twiney Sweet Peas which are just beginning to bloom.


I snitched two Cosmos from a hanging basket


A sprig of Nasturtiums grown from seed (my first time growing these), I have no idea if they will hold up in water. I love their 'lilypad' leaves, and the bright orange golden blossoms.


A few last spikes of 'Silver Dollars/Dames Rockets' which are basically a weed...and my poorman's bouquet set in a $.99 thrift store vase. I did use a small wire flower frog (should have used a larger one.)

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