Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Fourth of July!

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HOPE you All Have/Had a Safe Fourth of July!

Back in the 90's I painted this vest for Mom to wear at all the summer events in my hometown.
Like many of the Depression area, she believed in making your own fun, celebrating hometown America,  and waving the Flag--and the Sacrifices behind it.

Everyone wore red/white/blue and lots of flags were flown. 
Parades meant marching scouts and drum corps and sometimes 'Buggy Parades'. 

Every Memorial Day, Veterans Day and the Fourth of July, my Dad would take me to the flag raising ceremonies for the VFW. This cannon blows out stars and fireworks. 

Of course Uncle Sam appeared in every parade, this painting was a reminder of the Buggy parades we had in my hometown. Wagons, bicycles, buggies were all decorated for a 'kids' parade. Pets often participated, too.

Here  the neighbor's kitty chases tin cans tied to the bike. Remember playing cards clothes pinned to your bike spokes....what a racket we made, horns our our handle bars and bells you pressed with a thumb?

An Oatmeal box became a drum...Gosh we had fun. I remember playing kazoos, tooted tin horns,  and combs/with wax paper folded on them. You puckered up your lips and hummed on the combs, 
the paper made a great buzzy noise.

I remember home-made flags, and streamers woven in our bikes' spokes,  and some of us had balloons trailing behind us!!

I hope your FOURTH of JULY  was safe and filled with hometown 
FUN and Memories!

The vest was heavy cotton-duck cloth.
I used watered down acrylics with fabric medium.
Micropoint permanent pens, not sure what brand
Gold sparkle fabric paint
metal star studs, plastic buttons, and porcelain buttons.

I drew the characters freehand to fit the space and then added color and enhanced afterward.


  1. LOVE the friendly feeling of your artwork!! That vest is a pure treasure ... priceless! <3

    1. Thanks so much Barb, I have to take it out every year, just to remember my mom and all the fun I had as a kid!

  2. So sweet and happy!!!I think this post is the most beautiful tribute to 4th of July...Just adorable!

    1. TY, Maristella. I have joined a history site of my hometown---and they were talking about our 'buggy' parades and I remembered I had done the vest for my mom...and just had to drag it out. I wear it, when it isn't 100 degrees, lol.

  3. OMG - that vest is beautiful! I'm from a small town in Missouri and this reminds me so much of our "picnics". There's a parade and everyone meets at the picnic grounds afterwards. So fun!

    1. My mom was a Patriot-ophile...andything and everything presidential or to do with the flag. She got a big kick out of wearing this vest from memorial day to Labor day...I'm happy to share it, and kicky up your own memories. Happy Fourth Weekend!

  4. How lovely...and sweet memories, Sandi! You are a wonderful illustrator! Lots of family, swimming, and picnics going on here...summer fun!

    1. Thank-You, and I hope you had a Super weekend!

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