Monday, July 30, 2018

Junking Finds July 2018

It's not that I haven't been junking---I have, but more like selective purchasing in thrift stores.  But, when you see something unusual or for a specific person, I can't resist.

Montage of finds for July.

I think I found this in late June? Tortilla warmer for a gift of a crazy person who has chickens. You know who you are....!

It's actually Made in Mexico. Has some crazing, but I love the color and strong design. 

Found one on Ebay---sold for $25.00 so I guess it was a great buy at around $7.

I love handworked linens. This was on such a nice European linen towel, has a fold mark, which should come out in a good wash, but probably never used....and it's already hanging on my rack in the kitchen.

Another old friend by myself, circa 1990's colander. No signature on this, because of hanging as a decor item. see (Finding Old Friends) about my pottery career.

I made maybe a dozen of these hand thrown and just such a pain, poking out all those holes. This was probably hung on the wall, or used for fruit. Despite the pastels, I will use it in my own kitchen.  

I love this pattern and pick up small pieces of it any time I see them. It's Vernon Kilns-California made, Pattern is Chintz--it's very popular still, made during the 1940s.  

Found this adorable ==perfect==baby dish, with the cutest motifs. 
The pink handles and button are early plastic and the metal bottom was a reservoir for putting in hot water via the screw top pink button.

Baby's food stayed nice and warm. This probably had an adorable metal lid with a pink knob.

No maker mark, but a dealer on Ebay has a dish with this button listed as Bartsch and made in Chicago. Dating this early 1940's or a bit older. Perfect gift for a new Grandmother...! I found this in perfect condition at $1.99. 

The  signed Arnold Alanig? ."Spring Garden Print" is a print from an etching print. It is quite nice, and was only $3.00. Gold is not my favorite accent, but mattes take resurfacing well, and white paint to the frame will be perfect for the bedroom.

I knew this wasnt' old, vintage, but not old. I suspect it might be a Victorian Trading piece, dated 1991.... It is silver-plate, nicely detailed and a lovely shape for displaying whatever from cards, fans to flowers. 

Nice frame, 50cents...totally doable ---will use this in the craft room or redo.

I think this a super find...10 luncheons, 6 soup, and 4 dinner plates. A little more than I like to pay---but again, Vernon Kilns made in California 1942 called Cosmos. All the pieces are perfect---no scratches even, just some light crazing on edges and backs common to this type of pottery. Has a very Arts & Crafts Movement from the early 1900's. I'm not a pink(call this cranberry pastel) and certainly don't need anymore dishes. 

These will go to the shop---but I won't mind if they don't sell. 

Love the roping detail on can see how tight the surface glaze is...all the blue, green and yellow are handpainted. Labor intensive, no wonder it was dropped during the war years. 

Backside of this gorgeous Antique pitcher. Just a really pretty shape, most of the gold is intact.

This must have been part of a Toilette set. Can you imagine say 9-13 pieces of this in your bedroom? 
There is a stress crack below the handle, probably occurring during molding in the factory. Iron from water has seeped through the inside leaving a trail of iron, but the crack is sealed on the outside with glaze. It will be fine for another 100 years picked up with two hands.

Notice the iron on the bottom from sitting probably in a damp bowl, day after day.

Marked Maddock's Lamberton Works, Royal Porcelain

These early pieces had the round “Maddock's Lamberton Works” backstamp with “Royal Porcelain” curved below. The company was based in Trenton, New Jersey, and the pitcher was made circa 1890s. From pinterest pages, this company made lots of utilitarian Victorian bath ensembles.

Great article on Maddock's link maddocks-kings-of-industry/.

With the heat this summer, I have been sticking to thrift stores---What have you found lately? 

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  1. Great finds Sandi. Glad you shared today.

  2. Aw, thanks Joy....a few fun things, and a bit of info.

  3. I finally see one of your pieces!

  4. Beautiful finds, Sandi! I especially love the baby dish...and that WONDERFUL blue and white embroidery piece!

    1. Thanks Linda, I know you and I should never go junking together as we love the same stuff!

  5. Great treasures!My favorites are the plates and the antique pitcher.gorgeous!Hugs!

    1. Of course you love the plates....LOL. Yea, they are fun, I will put them in my Etsy shop I think, but if they don't sell...ha, ha-oh, well.

  6. Just worked my way through a lot of wonderful posts and stopped here to comment and say you really got some great finds! Lovely treasures!

    1. Oh, thanks Bernideen. I know I have been blog catching up, also. Have a great week!

  7. Aw, thanks Bernideen. I often think of you when I see a great tea pot or a piece of lovely linens. But then you are downsizing by selling your collections also. I want to save them

  8. Wonderful finds! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. One of my favorite parties....always enjoy the posts! Thanks for visiting!


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