Monday, December 11, 2017

Cookie Day at our House.

This is an annual event, we make up dough and family and friends roll, cut and bake them at our house. Then, ages 5-70, we decorate until we drop. Some are left un-iced for those who don't like icing.

Some wine is consumed, and we have a potluck of sorts. Fun Day!

I make up two huge batches of dough (12 cups of flour) of my husband's great grandmother's recipe.
It has buttermilk in it and they are very tender.

Here are the cookies drying out. The dough was just too soft this year, so I aged them.

Even the the non-artist types got into it. Love this moose---with the white stockings.

We also had a batch of gingerbread, these are the real hard/crispy ones.
A few pans burned a bit...always happens. 

So I made dog treats, 1/3 (1 cup about) broken/crisp cookies - 2/3 (2 cups) long-cook whole grain oatmeal, about 1/2 cup of baked pumpkin and equal amount of peanut butter to make a soft mixture. Roll into balls, dry for a few hours, and then freeze. 
These are great treats for older dogs as they are softer. 

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  1. Those have to be THE most fabulous cookies! And they are gorgeous. It would be tough to take that first bit, almost sacreligious! Our family Christmas cookie tradition is on Christmas Eve but I love the idea of getting together and doing it now. And what a recipe! Yum!

  2. Thanks so much Jeanie. Any tradition is wonderful. This started ages ago---from both our families, and it works well for everyone. My d-in-laws mom was here from the philippines a couple years back, and she ate all the cookies they took home, and they had to bake more for Christmas. LOL, I confess i have only eaten two bare gingerbreads, so far.


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