Monday, May 22, 2017

Vickie's Vintage Grand Opening

Hi! Welcome to Vickie's Vintage. I'm Vickie, if I can help you with anything, please ask. 
I always dreamed of having a shop with all vintage clothes and accessories, and 
here it IS!

 I love the vintage wardrobe cabinet we lined in silver board paper!

The cabinet holds our lingerie, workout, and swimsuit wardrobe essentials.

A gold lingerie bag and special sunglasses, almost everything is vintage here.

Remember Jellies? This purse and shoes are still in style.

Work out clothes and camisoles.

An adorable purse and some ballet shoes.

Our sportswear and short dresses are going fast.

We have many sizes available right now. Hope you can find what you like.

The accessories cabinet has already been shopped hard. 
Those butterfly hair clips are going fast. Hopefully 
by next week, we will have a shipment of vintage bottles with perfume and some candles.

 Ryan took pictures from the rafters before we opened. Everything was so neat and clean, I was so excited to open. And we stayed within my $40.00 total budget for the store. Sigh, the wardrobe cabinet was over half of that, so  we really had to skimp everywhere else. But, we did it.

I hope I have enough shoes.

Formals are only $10.00 for the Grand Opening, just in time for Prom.

Vintage formal dresses are always in style.

We have great funky sportswear and summer dresses.

Don't forget shoes and purses.

We had several perfumes, but they flew out the door.

Love the buttons, those are new---but really retro looking.

The check-out was very busy today.

We almost ran out of large bags.

And I was in the counter so many times---bracelets and necklaces were hot!

Here's a few of my customers having complimentary sodas and cookies.

The girl's loved the shoes.

Elsa says, "I found a skirt that goes with my top----for summer. I don't want to look 'frozen' all the time."

"It's really perfect with my long legs. Even with my funky striped leggings."

Please have some complimentary cookies and sodas.

Thanks again ladies. I hope you come again.  
"Oh we will," said Barbie, Elsa and Jenny.

Richelle and Kurt think this place is the bomb! "I love my purple butterfly hair clip!"

"Me, too,"Barbie said. "I also love my vintage shoes, and this little gold dress it's perfect for dancing."

Vicky straightened the racks before closing and joined Ryan for some soda.

"We were really busy today, thanks for all your help Ryan. I couldn't have made the check out counter by myself, and it took two of us to hang all that wallpaper.

"I'm always glad to help---but Vickie, you really need some better signs. I will make some on the computer if you want?"

"Thanks again, Ryan. New signs that don't look vintage might be a good idea. Besides these sticky ones are popping off after the first day." 

Thanks to all who visited Vickie's Vintage 
and Come Again!

***Special note: Almost everything here shown is vintage, or has been purchased used at thrift shops. Some items are handmade and there is no way to accurately date the item. Some shoes, purses will be newer, bought in mixed lots. If you have a question, please ask.--Sandi

Thanks always for visiting. 
I will try and respond to every comment and answer every question.

All the opinions and photographs in this blog are my own, I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions, posts or any products shown or anywhere I shop.
 Please do not use photos without linking back to this blog without my permission. 
Thank you for your cooperation, Sandi Magle

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  1. Wow! So many interesting vintage pretties to be bought. =) I am amazed at the assortment of goodies Vicki has on offer. Such a fun post.

    1. I'm very lucky---over time last two years to by mixed bags of doll clothes at a local thrift store for a few dollars. Sometimes I even find great 1960's barbie clothes. Grins, Thanks for visiting,Sandi

  2. Such fun time!Love Vicki's black and white dress,so charmming!

  3. Your vintage shop is just darling, Sandi! Seeing your Barbie brings back such memories--I used to make clothes for Barbies and sell them to the neighbor kids(!). Thanks for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm :)

  4. I know what you mean. I just have been so lucky with bags of mixed up clothes in such good condition. I have sewn mostly for the Grand---clothes that are easy to put on. Too much fun though. Actually choosing the clothes one at a time, or trying them on and not 'buying' them is quite the bit of fun. Funniest was she bartered a 'crystal' piece of glass when a doll ran out of her funds for a pair of shoes. LOL.

  5. Oh my miss Vickie, I what to come shop there! So many pretties!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks again, and of course come with your kids, grandkids...hubby's get to be Ken's. It has been lots of fun. Sandi

  6. This post is wonderful :) made me smile :) Wishing Vickie every success with her boutique :)


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