Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chicagoland Spring Garden

I'm certainly not sorry to say good-bye to May, here in Chicagoland. 

May was cold, wet, cloudy, crabby, with a rare chance of sun. 
The ground was so saturated, hubby had a hard time getting anything tilled until this last week.

This is what our garden normally looks like by the middle of May.
Everything neatly planted and mulched.
This was pretty much why I didn't post much in May---toooooo depressing.

Instead our started plants were hunkered down in two green houses.

 We burned up two heaters this year, sigh.

A rare day without rain, so we tried to transplant plants to bigger containers. 
I think we had hail the next day.

The extra greenhouse was for seedlings and was crushed a few days later from bad weather
Those are all our tomatoes, on the table seats straight ahead. The small green house on the right was ripped up, and now the plants were too tall for the big green house. CRAZY!

Then we began our garden demolition. Carpenter bees, and age had done a number on our lattice, rails, fencing and walkways. Our white lattice was remnants of my antique/craft shop I had for 10 years, and we used this in the garden for 10 years, so I guess we have been GREEN and did well with that as a REDO.

Hubby began the long process of dismantling. 
Our neighbor loaned us a huge truck jack, and we jacked up the beams that were buried. We are still doing a REDO with them, for the base of the new green house. 
Meanwhile, the entire yard was a disaster.

Slowly, hubby stacked the usable pieces. We finally were able to burn a few nasty ones.
We will still use the plastic lattice for beans, pumpkins, and squash vines.

The Grand wasn't the least bit deterred from digging in her sandbox.

I planted lemon grass in our pots for mosquito repellent. It's amazing how large it grows and is 
great for soups and Oriental dishes. I add my annuals for color.
I gave up planting annuals in the ground a few years ago, and keep to very few here and there. 
It is much easier to move pots around with color, where you need it.

We kept some areas clear. One of the rare pictures of the grand and not of her butt, she is so fast.
 Most pictures have her half out of the frame.

A lucky photo with the Grand in the middle of the frame.

In the middle of our yard the clematis finally started to bloom last weekend. 
A few birdhouses have had to been relocated.  Both of these had birds in them.

I never got pictures of any tulips. Hail and wind damage, and they were wiped out.

This was the poor daffy's smashed to the ground from heavy rains.

We are working hard now, everyday. No rain forecasted until the weekend.
Stay tuned for the new garden reveal when we get it all planted. When ever that is. 
Our tomato plants are now two feet high and have out grown the greenhouses. 
They are vamping on the patio---waiting to grow--maybe tomorrow, 
if it doesn't rain, snow, or hail...LOL

Happy Spring from Chicagoland.

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  1. The weather hasn't been terribly kind to you, has it. Let's hope the month of June sees your garden sprouting lovely flowers and delicious vegies.

    1. We've had 4 days of sunshine now---and it does make the world of difference on all the plants and my disposition, lol. Grins and best wishes to you too, Kim.

  2. I know what you mean about the weather. . .Northern Ohio has had quite the same, and it was very frustrating to have to put off the important Spring gardening tasks. Looks like you've had quite a bit to do!

    1. Hi Cynthia, hopefully we can catch up with this gorgeous weather now. YAY!


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