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Heirlooms, Antiques, Finds for Fall Decorating

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The theme for my blog is: Somethings: Old, New, Green, Redo.
 I have tried to stick to this premise in my decorating. New means new here...and not necessarily 'NEW-new', if you know what I mean.

I have inheirited some gorgeous OLD antique and vintage pieces and have vowed to share them with you...through this blog as well as use them periodically, instead of being hid away in boxes. 

I don't have a fireplace mantle, but in our living room, our built-in china cabinet is used 
for entertaining and display.


 I chose a balanced composition across the back of the buffet,
 with an OLD large silverplate tray (unpolished) as the anchor. 
A vintage dark green lace runner sets a contrasting background for lighter items. 
The floral arrangement container was from Goodwill, its flowers were dismantled, freshened and added to from the stash of flowers from the post, Junkin-in-grannys-garage and a definite REDO.
The OLD porcelain berry bowl was from that stash also.
The OLD antique parrot vase is from Bornholm, Denmark, more on that later.


A NEW satin pumpkin from a craft show...(vintage REDO fabric) is on the right, next to a real pumpkin from our GREEN garden. 
A small faux pumpkin on the left is my favorite, 
very real looking--already 10 years OLD
The candlesticks are vintage now--from Williamsburg, Virginia, glass makers. 
The two brass candlesnippers were my mom's antiques and very OLD.


Here is a soft closeup of the acorns and textures of the arrangement. 
I love the dusty grape leaves, how they look this time of the year in the garden.


 On the left, a NEW pumpkin platter was deep discounted
at the end of the season last year, like 90% off.
The dried gourds are natural GREEN elements.
The OLD lantern I have had forever and is considered vintage now,
the brass candlesticks are very OLD, hallmarked and European.
I have to do some research on these and a few others I have.
The leaves tossed all about my house were from a bundle in a bag from 
a thrift store for fifty cents, a definite REDO.


The OLD parrot vase is from Bornholm, Denmark and by Ibsen Ceramics, circa 1920.
 Ibsen pottery is highly super high $$$.
 These were given to my mother by my great aunt and from her husband's family.


On the right side of the buffet is two more pieces of Ibsen's pottery and a dried gourd 
echoing the color of the matte glaze. The plate has richly carved grapes and leaves and lots of detail.
A candle from Sassy Primitives, my favorite local candlemaker, nestles in an 
Ibsen incised cherries on the rim of a bowl in the same orange glaze. 
Sassy's NEW potpourri and candles can't be beat. 
She is an OLD com-patriot from the art and craft show circuit from years ago, 
and continues to come up with new products and ideas every year


Details on the platter, the grapes are a rich black/purple matte glaze.
Ibsen Ceramic Works created art pottery from 1843-1955 by many generations of Ibsens and many well known Danish Designers and Artisans.


Here is the whole buffet with the china cabinet. 
When and if, I find my last tote of Fall and my oil-stained dried gourds, 
I will place them in the china cabinet to 'Fallify' the OLD Royal Copenhagen collection 
from my family. Some heirloom pieces date from the early 1800's. 
I know I need new candles...just haven't been able to find the tote with those in either.

The table in the front window is also where we decorate for the seasons. 
The oak sofa table is perfect across the front of the room and the huge windows. 
 I used a mix of OLD antiques, NEW and vintage. 


GREEN Naturals: Indian corn in a vintage glass pitcher, gourds and dried hydrangeas in an OLD silver-plate handled tray, and a fiber pumpkin enhanced with some faux flowers and leaves, 
with a touch of angel hair for glitz on a cobalt blue glass compote finish the left side.


 I love the glass with the corn, great textural differences here. The antique candleabra is one of an heirloom pair my mom and aunt split from my great grandparents, I think from the 1890's.


 A New Silk pumpkin and a gourds rest on an OLD bakelite butler's tray.
The large faux pumpkin will get a REDO this week, 
as it was 'decorated' last year by Grandbaby.
I'm sure she will enjoy painting it pumpkin colored.
Maybe a little copper, we will see.
The lamp I have had long enough to have been rewired once. 
When I like something it sticks around forever.

 A three-tiered metal pumpkin stand from a thrift store 
holds pumpkins, gourds and a vintage sweet Fall Fairy (thrift store). 
She just needed to reside here and work some FALL magic. 
Acorns fill an OLD vintage orange margarita glass and along with her Fall wreath. 
I found her swinging in a chandelier...hiding at the thrft store. 
But not from me, Murahhahhahha!


My last Fall vignette to share is the top of the bookcase. 
The pine mirror my dad made for us when we moved into this house in 1984. 
The crock was his and I filled with dried (GREEN) Sedum 
and some NEW burlap sunflowers from the Dollar store. 
The statue was a gift from my husband, a flower pot votive from forever ago, 
and the English toffee tin from a garage sale...I just loved the colors to
finish off the small area. I lost the source of the Fall printout on the mirror--my computer has been glitchy this week, anyone having it, please send me so I can post for the creative blogger.

The tin echoes the colors in the OLD antique, teensy-weensy crosstitches on linen runner from Denmark. I'm not sure which ancestor made this...but it is one of my favorites. 
I hope you enjoyed my Old, New, Green, Redo Fall decorating.

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  1. You have inspired me! I need to get creating some fall vignettes Sandi. Thanks for linking up at Vintage Bliss Tuesdays.


  2. Appreciate your stop by, Thanks, Sandi

  3. You really did stick to your rules for decorating with your Fall décor! It's all so pretty.

    1. I try, sometimes I get so into the text, I forget to include my four words. Thank so much for paying such close attention, lol, Sandi

  4. Hi Sandi, Your fall decor is so beautifully displayed. Lovely vignettes and so inspiring.
    Hugs, cm

  5. Hi Sandi, Your fall decor is so beautifully displayed. Lovely vignettes and so inspiring.
    Hugs, cm

  6. You sure have created some beautiful fall vignettes. Thanks so much for inspiring us at VIParty

  7. You sure have created some beautiful fall vignettes. Thanks so much for inspiring us at VIParty

  8. Hi Sandi, thought I would pop over and see your fall post, everything is wonderful I love the fiber pumpkin. Seems pumpkins come is so many different textures and colors these days.

    Thanks for sharing on Friday Features, appreciate the link as well.

    Have a beautiful week!

  9. Sandi, that runner is gorgeous! Love how the tin ties in with it. All of the pottery is beautiful. Just what I love a mixture of new and old! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. I think I may do a post simply on my great Aunts' gorgeous needlework. For as long as I can remember we received birthday and Christmas gifts of needlework. And I have older pieces that were from my great grandmother, etc.

      Thanks for stopping by Jann, always and the runner is lovely, one of my favorites!


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