Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sojourn to Northern Wisconsin

Going back home is always nostalgic. 
You don't go back just physically, but the trip becomes a step-back through memories. 
My husband's family settled in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin back in the 1850's 
when the land was covered with hardwood forest, 
and farming meant clearing the land, building a cabin, and then farm for a living.


 Early Saturday morning..I tried to catch the sunrise over Lake Michigan out the door. 
Imagine, the soft sounds of the gentle waves lapping at the beach.

The beach is groomed each morning, I'm sure the gulls watch in amusement.
 Far in the distance is the Algoma lighthouse which must have 
received a new coat of red paint this year.

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This shot is a mile and a quarter away South of the lighthouse.


Walking along the beach, you never know what you will find. 
 Here are Lichens and Moss---at least six different types.


Further South, I looked back.
 It was a warm day, a brisk wind and steady waves rolling in.
 The stones are all smooth from being tossed by the waves and easy to walk on.

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The path began to narrow, and the ledges of sand were a bit unsafe. I went as far as I could.


Looking back, I wasn't the only one on the beach.


The  soft tones of an almost lavender blue sky, the blue greens of the lake, growing into turquoise then to a mossy green, waves rolling onto the sand and rocks. 
The subtlety took my breath away.


Some refuse strewn the shore, from branches and rocks,
but mostly natural items. I saw very little evidence of man. 
Lake Michigan has improved in water quality and from no dumping policies.
I never even found a piece of beach glass. 


A small cedar tree struggles to maintain a foothold along the path. 


 The tiniest ladybug was content to sun herself on a leaf.


A rusty maple leaf, from where I don't know, lay on the beach.
Its sharp points a contrast among all the rounded stones. 


The small pink tab was the only evidence of man I saw on this entire stretch of beach in three days.  
I did see several Monarch Butterflies resting on the rocks, some at the end of their short lives. 


 The constant roll of the waves, reminds you of your own mortality, as they will keep coming in...generation after generation, long after you are gone.



 Algoma in the distance; the entire town stretching to the photographic red lighthouse.


Sunrise our last morning.  


My husband standing where seven generations of his family have lived, 
and probably where they watched many sunrises on
beautiful Lake Michigan.

A month ago, the sixth and seventh generations, our son and his daughter
 played in the water on this very beach. 


Generations and generations of waves.

Algoma, Wisconsin September 2015

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  1. What a lovely place to visit and to cherish memories. Your line about the sixth and seventh generation brought tears to my eyes. I'm such a sap! Thanks so much for sharing with "Let's Talk Vintage!" Enjoy your week, may it be filled with many more blessings like these.

    1. I'm sappy too, hence the post. I'm a history buff, and can't help but think back wherever I am, to the feet that walked that earth before me. If only we would pay more attention to the past…and get a little sappy from the lessons they learned, and apply to life now. Thanks for your sweet comments, Sandi

  2. Your travel pics and beach look great! Yes...harder to recover from those road trips! Ha! I did a little more today...but I am not a ball of energy yet! Ha! Thanks for visiting. Sheila

  3. Breathtaking Sandi! It takes me back to 4 years ago when hubby and I vacationed in Door County, WI. I don't know if this is anywhere near that area, but my how gorgeous it was! We both commented that we could live here, if it wasn't so darn cold in the Winter. It gets cold here, but nothing like they get. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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