Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Junkin' in Grannys' Garage #2

Three Totes from the Grandmas, One tote + a trash can from old shop, and a few--I have no idea?

Yesterday, I pulled 4 totes from the garage, ran inside with them and began to excavate. 
It was so hot this morning before 7am, I threw everything out on the table and settee 
on the front porch, took pics, and ran back inside dripping wet. 

It's FALL__not really! 

So I'm going to share, my (unpurchased) junkin' finds. $0-$0-$0
In earlier posts, I have explained how my family-4 generations-collected 
and passed the sickness on to me. 
I have inherited a ton…and now I have to either weave it into my home…
Or let it go.

No order here---just have fun junkie' in granny's Garage #2

4 pc. unique smoking set, all hand wrought turned brass, 
probably Mexico…unmarked?
and a small copper ashtray, I will have to research these.

Another (brass ashtray)? in the shape of a sardine can. 
An Onyx high quality lighter worth $50-60, 
and unusual Chinese brass bowl and stand---
I had picked that up in the 70's..and it was old then. 
8 dinner plates…crazed but otherwise in great condition…
pink roses and black/gold rims very--SHABBY! 
A Way-Rite kitchen scale…very chippy green, I will keep!(worth $65+ here) 
Another small copper ashtray, with a phoenix brass corner thingy.

Heres a pretty hand turned maple bowl…and a NOS bag of speckled eggs…
perfect for Fall. I may keep this for a grouping. 
Also, a bunch of very old shoe stretchers.
 Vintage closet stuff has disappeared fast, we will see after researching.

An Awesome bakelite-shaving brush with stand in perfect condition, 
from my mom's stash, I know this is $$$ 
The chippy, rusty filigree thing was marked--stove part---
so must be from Annabelle, the huge stove at my parent's old cottage in Wisconsin. 
Keep, maybe?

In the middle of that pile---remember it was hot,  a car horn, circa pre-1920.
 The rubber bulb disintegrated, but it still has great sound, 
 I blew in it at 7am…lol and got a HUGE honk, shame on me. 
Replacement bulbs are available, so I will polish and let it go-$75-125.

Great old Footwarmer, circa pre-1910..
rusty and the carpet is shedding…but they all seem to be that condition---
probably will get $75-100 or more for it, here.

Old Marcel wave hair crimper and 2 old electric curlers…
from the 1930-40's and two, a blue and green handled curling irons. 
 not worth much, maybe $15-25 for the lot.

An electrified oil lamp---still has residual oil in the glass bottom. Cute will go for a song.

The wood cutlery box…is really old. Pegged and square nailed…fine old washed wood…
Great primitive…may have to keep this. Mom had this at the cottage.

Okay---I'm assuming this is from Denmark. 
It looks new but it isn't-simply has been bleached.
 Grandmother used this to press meat-Rollepulse…
which was a Danish rolled luncheon meat made from 
lamb breast, onion, pepper, prunes, and parsley. 
Unique mechanism as the end-screw flips down…and the top swings to the side.
Very Neat…will have to keep this. 
Everything looks hand-wrought on this piece. I can check the screw grooves, if its'
metric, I can assume it is from Denmark.

Donald Duck Beverage bottles…circa 1952-7. 
These bottles even have raised designs of Donald on the throat of the bottles. 
I have 11 bottles--$5-10 each? 

Lower-right is a weird cigarette box, which lifts a cigarette and match,
but, I have no idea how to load it???
Behind, a Phillipine cigar box..from when? My dad gave up smoking in the 1970s.
 I have no idea---will have to research the stamps.

Inside great collection of very old buttons,---will sort and decide what to do with them.

Quite a few bake-lites in there.

Celluloid tidy scoop---$5-10 (Fuller Brush maybe)
Seagrams gift bag 1857-1957…anniversary issue?
4 Wood spigots $5-10 each…
Three Miller High Life tip trays early 1950s $5-15 each.

Silly cigarette box...
and Postcards…
lots of them $1-15.00 each, scenic museum sites in Wisconsin.

Home Sweet Home long pillow NOS from my original shop…will use in 
Fall vignettes, when it isn't 90+degrees 

Silverplate tray---since I'm buying these, I guess I have to keep this one. 
Brass pail---will go..cheap
In the back a Silver trimmed bowl--marked England, 
nice heavy pattern glass very old, we will see if I keep that.
An Enamelware soap dish lid…yes, this is old…from Mom's cottage.

I actually bought the aluminum container for 50 cents, sometime ago…
going to use it in the craft room for brush storage.
The Miniature candleabra--was in mom's stuff---going to the DIY Barbie house, for grand baby. 
Birthday candles will fit in the little holes, but would be so cool to light it with seed lights. 

Family heirloom, this wonderful brass grater from Denmark
 hallmarked and from the early 1800's or late 1700's. 
All hand wrought. KEEP< KEEP>KEEP!

Fishing-net bobbins…
A real powder horn, hopefully the rest of the parts, I think they were silver, will show up. 
A 1960's Sterling Silver gravy boat-- from my parent's25th anniversary. 
It was stuck in with everything else.
Mom wasn't terribly organized. 
And when we packed up the house, I simply repacked-
cardboard boxes into totes, as I found them.
A 1940's Salt shaker in Blue Willow pattern hope the pepper shows up?

Another heirloom is this Copper sauce-pot (heavy) 
with heart wrought handle, a beautiful piece.
 I will have to keep this somehow.

See the detail where it is joined. This hasn't been polished since 2006--
I put mineral oil on them then..this holds the polish well on copper and brass, too.

A Copper hanging planter--Think this is just from the 1940s. 
Let it go--

CHIPPY old tub-soap dish---this was on the tub when my parent's got the cottage 
(farmhouse) in Wisconsin--and it looked like this in 1963…LOL.

One of two Planters' Peanuts 100th anniversary jars, 
Grandma bought for my boys---
one jar is missing, and will probably surface, I hope.

One trash can of Fall flowers from my old shop, New-Old-Stock.
 I will just have to get creative, because this is simply a 
beautiful assortment for Fall!

Love the texture on these thistle balls and ferns. And the toasty colors, Nummy!

Another heirloom from 
  Great Grandmother's silver-plate coffee set. 
This had been Polished so much the brass shows through--
but it's really dirty right now. I may have to polish it a bit, just to bring up the details.
I will keep this and use the entire set in my craft shop to hold treasures.
This was buried in boxes of newspaper and crap. 
No rhyme or reason to Mom's organization or storage ideas. 

This cracked me up…Has to be circa pre-1957 because that is the last time 
my parent's vacationed in Minocqua, Wisconsin. 
It will work in the basement fishing room…lol.
There's more---three dishwasher loads of stuff…that had been all mixed together. 
Crazy, Huh!
Welcome to Junkin' in Grannys' Garage only #2…
there are at least 15 more trips ahead of us.

Have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear. 
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  1. I am really enjoying your posts. My sister and I cleaned out a farmhouse with four generations of vintage finds. Like a treasure hunt, isn't it? Hard work but fun too!

  2. Sandi - What beautiful treasures!! Thank you for stopping by my little blog and commenting on the candle sleeves- nice of you to visit! Have a great day!

  3. All those buttons!! So much fun. The cigar box is neat.

  4. That is quite an array of goodies (treasures)! My daughter and I love to go through old boxes of buttons. It keeps her busy for a LONG time! Win win!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and for linking up with "Let's Talk Vintage!"

  5. What a great collection of treasures! I'm so happy you're keeping some of the same things I was hoping you would keep, like the scale and pillow. I'm hoping to go to a great flea market on Labor Day, but I'll be spending $$, unlike you.

  6. Hi Sandi, wow you share some special treasures. Love seeing these wonderful pieces and some look so familiar from my grandmother treasures so long ago.
    Looks like you had way too much fun. Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and Happy September.
    Hugs, cm

  7. I'm so happy you like my printable. Yes, you may link to my blog anytime, and printing it on clear and putting on a mirror or window will be sharp!

  8. I sure wish I had a Granny's garage that produced fabulous stuff like this! What a load of vintage goodness. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  9. What wonderful treasures from Granny's garage! I love them.

  10. I am going to have to start reading back thru your blog to find out where you got all this awesome stuff! You just gained a new follower. :-) You reeled me right in!


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