Friday, September 18, 2015

Finally Beginning Happy Fall!

Beginning Fall on the Front Porch

Good Morning, it's finally FALL!

Slowly I have been starting to do Fall as temperatures have finally gone down in Chicagoland. Yesterday was spent in the garden, pulling up done plants, 
and trying to find our pumpkins and squashes. 
Not the best year--all my pumpkins are very small,
except for two FairyTales (one in a tree) which are not even a bit orange yet.

So last June, I found this NEW great greenhouse garden frame for $4.00 at a craft store discount aisle,  I showed it in an early post here: Somethings Old….
 I thought this would be great for a REDO vignette for Fall, with the rich rust coloring on the metal.

I wanted to use different things this year on the refurbished porch, 
I thought this would be a great addition for cool Fall nights, an OLD kerosene lantern.
Here is a closeup of my Grandfather's watchman's lantern cleaned up from an early post:

I confess the garden-shed frame was tucked away behind the settee on the porch all summer. The porch was a mess, undergoing new railings and stairs---with NEW 'out of stock' materials since May---holding up the whole show for almost six months--that's a YELP story for another day.

Still not 100% done, the porch is ready to style a bit and use now.
 We bought the larger pumpkin at the local grocery store, as ours were too small. 
The gourds are from years past; dried and left natural grown in our own, GREEN, garden. 
 Everytime I walk by, I fiddle with the gourds, and occasionally 
find a walnut stored in there by one of our local squirrels.
Do they really think the corner of the stairs and my Fall vignette is a hiding place?
 I did spray the gourds with some Johnson's Wax-Pledge when they were fully dry to enhance the color and seal in the dustiness of the gourds.

Here's our Zinnia's--oops we found out they were Sunflowers in July. I picked one of the dried blossoms and used it for the 'GREEN' element in the front.
Another sprig of smaller sunflowers was put in the back. 
Adding a few pinecones and that is pretty much it. 
I'm sure this will change when my Fall bins are delivered by hubby, from upstairs in the garage.

The craft wood Scarecrow was from a painting project I taught at Michael's back in the 1990's. I taught free-hand painting without patterns---back then, which was out of the norm. 
Somewhere I have a photo  of 14 of these all painted differently by the students.
This scarecrow is a favorite of the Grandbaby as the arms move up and down. He has long since lost his "Pumpkins for Sale" wired sign. My gosh, he is OLD and vintage now.

A straw hay bale waits over in the corner with the houseplants, for a pumpkin or two or three--
they are really small!
The pensive angel tile was a NEW rescue from 'HomeGoods' two seasons back.

The one plant that was very happy outside this summer was my Rosemary--I'm wondering where on earth I am going to keep it in the house this winter. It smells so good.

Here's a  view of the entire seating area--with a lightweight throw REDO
 for those cool nights-perfect color for the porch from GoodWill-$2. 
I added smaller mums in the summer planter box.
 Granpa's OLD lantern and a stoneware candle pot from my potter days, probably from the 1980s finish off the table top. A REDO antique crate serves as a table between the chairs. 

So Finally---beginning Happy FALL

from my front porch to yours.

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  1. Hi and good morning Sandi, I love your fall ideas, the crate and lantern are perfect for your vignette, I have yet to do something, I have just been enjoying all the blogs with fall ideas and sharing some on tours on my blog.

    Thank you for visiting #OMHGFF this week to share your blog, hope to see you next.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Hi Sandi!
    I love what you did with the greenhouse frame! In about another month I should be able to enjoy my outdoor space too! Thank you so much for you sweet comment on my blog. It did bring a smile to my face! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. I love your fall vignette, Sandi! Everything about it scream Autumn.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Carol, and Happy Fall! Sandi

  4. Love it...I have this very same green house frame I painted mine white and what is funny we have this very same patio furniture...great minds think a like:) Thank you for sharing at Share it One More Time...Tammy

  5. This looks very nice and cozy! I love how everything came together. The greenhouse frame is an amazing element. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I appreciate you stopping by, thanks and Happy Fall!, Sandi

  6. Oh how funny that the squirrels store nuts in your vignette! The green house pumpkin vignette is very cute... Thanks for sharing st pumpkin week!

  7. And they put the walnuts in the mums too...apparently lazy squirrels are what we have, Happy Fall and thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  8. Your vignettes are so pretty, I would want to store nuts there too! :) Love how you filled the greenhouse. I only got 4 small pumpkins off of two hills this year. Phooey! I got lots last year. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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