Thursday, April 6, 2023

Midwest Gardening: April 2023

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The entire country has been plagued with CRAZY weather this year. Think, 200" of snow in California to a 1400 mile long front (yesterday) fueled by 60 degree temperature differentiations, tornadoes, 70mph+ hurricane winds, flooding. 

Original planting forecasts said we would be able to plant in Chicagoland by April 15...not a chance. 

We have standing water in our garden, one day it is freezing, the next day its 65 degrees. YES, simply crazy even for the Midwest.

So, I'm still gardening in my kitchen, hoping to move into the greenhouse this week.


Coleus and Elephant ears are in here...starting to really grow.


I transplanted tomatoes last week. We have a fan going all the time on them, to strengthen the stalks. (It really works). I use the tall drink glasses with one small hole drilled in the bottom for drainage. The plastic tote is very nice for supporting the cups. 
Special Post HERE on why we use the cups for tomatoes and planting in the garden.


Green Zinnias from seed, these were planted too early!


Peppers are thick and green---moving them into 3-4" pots has really helped them.


More tomatoes and I have 8 pots of 2-3 Japanese eggplants in them.


This was a huge dahlia corm that would fit into a small pot. In three days it's a foot high now.


Broccoli plants look stronger everyday. 


These are small Dahlias, Cone flowers, something else...slow starters, hoping they will take off in the greenhouse.


I'm using Miracle grow potting soil for these starts. 
I really need to start my trays of marigolds as well as the squash/pumpkin plants. Also the flower boxes with onions, lettuce, and Nasurtiums. We won't be buying many plants this year as the budget won't allow it at all with the basement disaster.


 Besides our basement disaster, we need to gut the greenhouse. Seems the mice think glass insulation is a great place to live in...and we will switch to thick styrofoam. This was all planned to do in March---but the basement disaster diverted this plan.

This is a photo from last Fall. Now we have standing water in the garden from this week's crazy weather. While today is glorious sunshine, but a bit chilly.

After helping hubby move into his office down stairs, (we laid vinyl sheet flooring in there yesterday). I may venture into the mouse hut (greenhouse) and attempt to pull out all the insulation after removing all the contents first.

Another Fruitbasket UPSET! 

How are your Spring Gardening

 plans going?!

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  1. Yikes. Well, I'm feeling your standing water pain. I have a small lake in my basement. Well, now it's more like a couple of ponds but it's that stinky, musty smell... and still damp, despite the fans and all. But hey, when I look at your basement posts, I recognize how lucky I was. Take care and good luck with the plants -- I'm impressed you have so many!

    1. Make sure you are fighting the mold issues, Jeanie. I'm hacking up still despite being given a clean bill of health on the basement. We are finally making some progress and decent weather, hitting the yard HARD today!

  2. Hi Sandi! Thanks for the sweet blog visit and comment today. It's definitely been a chilly spring for you and here in northern KY too. My hubby was in Green Bay fishing last week and he said the weather was just awful. Looks like you and I have a nice forecast this week though. Hopefully spring has sprung! Jane

  3. It's been crazy weather in the northeast, too. Today it was in the 80's, which is odd for mid April. Here in Florida, it has been rainy and extremely windy for the last three days.
    As I read your posts about the basement and your gardening, I've got just one question - when do you sleep, lol!?!

  4. So sorry to hear about your standing water. Your gardening skills are shining. The mouse problem is terrible I hope the new materials helps keep the critters away. Thanks for sharing at Love Your Creativity.


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