Friday, August 12, 2022

Summer Wanders: Part 1 Dignity

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Summer Wanders: Dignity Statue near Chamberlain, SD

On a bluff overlooking the great Missouri River near Chamberlain South Dakota,

stands a statue representing Sacagawea, the Indian girl/mother who assisted Lewis and Clark in the monumental task of finding a northwest passage on the Mission of Discovery in 1804-6 for President Thomas Jefferson. 

Fifty foot tall, the statue depicts "Dignity" and a tribute to the young Indian woman/mother who was pregnant during the travails through the new Louisiana Purchase Lands. Her linguistic skills, knowledge of the land and usefully identifying the flora enabled Lewis&Clark to eventually 'find' the Pacific Ocean after a harrowing search through the plains, through friendly and hostile tribes, and through Rocky Mountains.

The statue takes your breath away. The quilted bits of steel shimmer in the bright sun.

Ageless she stands as testimony to the fortitude of those who went before us.
A short distance away is another tribute to the Indian nations.

Poles create an eye to the heavens...

and a dignified tribute to the Indian Nations of the West.

Sun and Wind captured in her grace.

Historical Marker on site

The Missouri River in the background
The sun the air, "Dignity" took my breath away!

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  1. That sculpture is really magnificent -- very beautiful and empowering.

    1. Thanks so much, Jeanie. So far behind on catching up with posts, though. Hope you are having a great summer---IT WAS HOT- out West!

  2. Sometimes the USA gets on the wrong side of size and equates it with matters that do not deserve this sort of qualitative judgment. This is one of those exceptions when size fuses with importance and we all benefit. Thanks for drawing our attention to this eloquent work of art.

    1. Hi, Roderick. Yes, this piece took my breath away---perched on top of the highest bluff overlooking the Missouri---the vastness, the sky, how small in real life she was, how huge this country is, the history all melded in steel above the landscape. Completely in awe! Ty for your visit and understanding words!

  3. This looks like an amazing place to visit!.

    1. It was awe inspiring, ty for visiting, Sandi

  4. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  5. Magnificent! I can imagine how beautiful it is to see in person. Thanks for enlightening me - I didn't know it existed, and it's good to know that she stands tall in SD.

    1. Thanks, Amy. Honestly it was worth the 700 or so miles, thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  6. We traveled through that area on our great American road trip in 2016! It was so much fun, so much to see and learn. I am completely amazed and interested in our North American culture. So sorry you've had Covid from your Barbie convention in July. Hope is well now. Thanks for visiting my blog with our recent booth transformations.

    1. Thanks so much Rita, it was a great trip---loved your booth!!! Sandi


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