Sunday, September 27, 2020

DIY Metal Swing Project

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Have you been busy with Projects? 
We sure have!

This is an OLD  metal swing, which was long past its prime. The roof top has long ago blown away. But it is a favorite of our family in the backyard. 

We decided to REDO, rather than send it into a landfill or a recycle center. We ripped all the deteriorated ancient fabric off the seats and we were suddenly left with an empty frame and no firm surface to sit on.

Sorry no 'before's'---hubby started working on this before I got photos of the demolished frame. 

He only used one NEW wood board for the back, and  drilled holes through the metal tubing and bolted it on. We decided more pieces might actually be uncomfortable in the lumbar region.

Hubby opted to add two NEW cross pine boards and then add the thinner aspen boards for the actually seat. These are attached with countersunk screws for a smooth finish. All the edges have been sanded. The idea being we could sit on this without the cushions. 

We set up our spraying tent for several projects and four cans of spray semi-gloss spray paint with primer in it and it's done. A super tight finish on the old metal.
We also encased the legs in plastic plumbing tubes with caps as the ends, because they had deteriorated so badly. 

We slipped the plastic plumbing pipe over the ends and then capped the bottoms. A little caulk sealer inside makes them waterproof, and the spray paint totally hides the sturdy 'fix'.

Our old cushions are still bright and liven up this quiet corner of the backyard.

I love where the swing is located, in the middle of 
our Grand's play area...and in the shade, she loves to rest here after running her obstacle course. It's the Perfect Place for critter watching...and usually a bit of breeze comes through from the west.

Honestly I rake this area twice a week, but due to the drought here, leaves fall faster than we can rake or blow them. Our Coleus are still going strong in those square pots. LOVE THEM!

I'm awfully pink here, I was spraying in the sun on the side of the house, and it was hot. Cooling off in my favorite spot in my very comfortable REDO Swing.

Everything planted is waning now. We have tons of aster flowers and buds, it's actually a bush now, the bees are so happy. The Zinnias are drying on the stalks. Such a pretty view from the swing.

We are trying to slow down a bit ourselves. I'm looking forward to not pulling weeds, and we have been working hard on so many projects this year while stuck at home. 

I'll share some of our other REDOs soon. 
  • Tools and supplies needed for this REDO
Power drill for the pipes
Bit larger than your bolts
Countersink drill bit for your screws
Saw (electric or handsaw)
Sanding paper

3 swing lengths of 1"x3" pine
9 seat depth lengths of 1/2"x 2 1/2" x (we used 24") Aspen 
9 bolts to go through your swing tubing and 9 nuts
18 wood screws for slats
Mask for spray paint 
4 cans of semi-gloss spray paint with primer
4 12" lengths of plastic plumbing pipe
4 caps for pipes
plastic pipe glue
weatherproof caulk

Where is your favorite place
 in your yard? 

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  1. I am so happy you decided to re love this cute swing. What a sweet part of your backyard. Gotta love a little spray paint. Have a great week.

    1. Ah, Kris, isn't that what we were destined to do--Save things...grins, thanks, Sandi

  2. I love vintage benches and swings, and enjoy bringing them back to life. You did an excellent job on this one! (I found this post in the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!)

    1. Thanks so much, we are enjoying it everyday now, and one less heap in the landfill. Sandi

  3. Looks nice, I like it. Thanks so much for linking up with me at my #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 17.

    1. Thank you. We are really pleased with it... Sandi

  4. This looks lovely! Such a wonderful redo, and what a nice spot to view your yard.

    1. Thanks, yes we love this spot, great for bird and critter watching!

  5. Great job!Love seeing you in your gorgeous and cozy garden!

    1. Thank you, I love this spot. I wish we had it done earlier...too many projects this year.


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