Saturday, August 1, 2020

Poorman's Bouquet and Vintage Haeger Pot

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Well, another week almost gone...the only way I know what day of the week is by looking in my pill box. 
I HAVE to take a thyroid pill every morning, or I am back asleep by noon, so after 40 years or so...
it's totally a habit.
YES, pill boxes. I've reached the age and quantity of pills and use three weekly pill boxes. Granted most are doctor recommended supplements, which keep everything moving (inside and out), and hopefully my few prescriptions keep me functioning for a long time in the future. 

Cooler finally---and open-the-windows
 kind of temperatures! 
After record breaking 90's in June and JULY...
it's a lovely balmy 80 something.

ON to my FIND!


Bathed in sanitizer and masked, I made a quick trip to our local thrift store. 
LOOK what I snagged,
this Haeger vase in an Arts & Crafts style, 
in a perfect matte green. I could tell by the weight, it was a contemporary piece, but the shape and glaze screamed Art Pottery. Plus it's 12" tall x 9"wide.
 Deliciously big as vases go.


A few words about Haeger and Royal Haeger originally located here in Dundee, Illinois. Haeger pottery began on the clay rich banks of the Fox River in 1871, the same year as the Great Chicago Fire. This company produced pottery through four generations and developed ceramic art wares and everyday pieces by expert craftsman through 2014.

As a potter myself, I always enjoyed visiting: the factory, their displays, and envied their glazes in the 70's to late 90's. As a buyer/floral designer for a north shore craft chain store, I was allowed to choose and buy Royal Haeger extensively through the 1990's. The figural and sculptural pieces popular then are quite collectible now. As a USA company competing with imports and the economic aftermath of 9/11, this wonderful company closed in 2014 after 143 years in operation. What a loss! 

Anyway my Haeger find is from the early 2000's in a lotus pattern reminiscent of the art pottery of the 
1920-30's in this delicious matte green.  
Perfect for a large Poorman's Bouquet! 


The garden was so hot the last two weeks, but flowers flourished while our vegetables struggled to hang on. Our Caladiums are insanely happy in the shade with lots of watering and hot temperatures, I  don't mind clipping a few leaves here and there for arrangements.


Not wanting to fill the entire vase with water (to avoid sweating), I inserted an upside down plastic container and a tall pickle jar to hold the flowers in the center. 
It's hard to take photos with the sunlight streaming in.
 I had to place my Poorman's Bouquet in our living room, where the green pot matches my walls!

 I've added some different flowers in this arrangement.  First, I bundled with tape some tall lemon grass
 for the center.


From this side, with my butt on the buffet, you can see the colors and the vase clearly.
I used 3 Caladium leaves, 3 large fronds of unopened Giant Sedum which echoed the matte green of the vase,  Added some damaged lilies, bent over zinnias and I cut a branch of my first year Blackeyed-Susans which immediately wilted, and three bright magenta Phlox stems.


I had added a spray of bleach to the water and a bit of sugar, I'm out of florist preservative. 


The phlox are already dropping...
but I'm sure this will hold for a week with such a large container of water.  

Nothing is better than picking from your own flowers from the garden on a lovely day.

Hugs and have a great weekend! 



  1. I have to take a typhoid pill everyday also. I had it removed 10 yrs. ago.
    You vase is a great find and the flowers are gorgeous especially the phlox.

    1. Hi, least I know what day it is, until afternoon and then I have forgotten already. LOL. Thank you for visiting and the kind words. Sandi Ps, my Phlox are huge this year...must be our watering schedule.?

  2. Oh my goodness, to find a Haeger vase in a thrift shop was your lucky day. It is gorgeous! Love the arrangement of the flowers you fashioned. Yes, flowers picked from one's own garden always make for a perfect display. I too have taken a thyroid tablet every day for a few years now. I know the feeling of wanting to curl up in the middle of the afternoon, wanting a snooze. May you enjoy a lovely week with many moments in your garden.

    1. Hi, Kim. Thanks so much for your comments. I think there is quite a few of us that deal with thyroid pills...and the garden IS my happy place!

  3. Your bouquet is a stunner and I love your vintage Haeger vase. So happy to feature you at AAH this week. Thanks for sharing with us!


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