Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Midwest Gardening Mid-July 2019


Well, we finally have summer---boy, do we have summer. Once the rain stopped we had a few gorgeous days, almost got caught up in the yard. NOW it's HOT! Yardwork consists of scurrying out and watering very early in the day, closing the drapes and huddling down.

Late last week, I did get some photos, though to share, everything has grown since then with the heat.
Long-picture heavy post. Pictures say a thousand words. Normally I would split this into 3 posts, but we are so far behind this year....!

Pot assortment on the back stairs. The Impatiens have been doing super this year.

The pool for the Grand sits over the sandbox, it's huge. 
Flamingo stalks the Lemon Grass,
 our GREEN mosquito deterrent.

Along the garden fence we have small crops planted, onions, beans, lettuce.

The garden itself is going bonkers. We have tomatoes and peppers, zucchini, pickles, squash. Tomatoes and peppers are almost ready for picking---about 4 weeks late---but, looks like a good crop, very soon. (We've had one pickle, so far)

Vines are pickles/cucumbers---they really do well in our small garden going UP!

Hubby put down weed fabric, without the mulch. Hoping that more water will get to the plants this way. After 35 years in this house...we are still experimenting! His back can't handle all the weeds, and I'm really walking poorly on uneven surfaces.

NOTE: All our Peppers are in large pots---they just seem happier that way then in the ground? 

Tiger Lilies are ready to bloom next week! Birds are in almost every birdhouse we have. 

I have all these plant hooks, but a frog decided he would rather swing here!

Love this combination!

My shade mixture pots are coleus, sweet potato vine, and impatience, and more lemon grass for mostquitos. Hostas were grown from small starts, and finally ready to put in the ground.

I had 10 Caladium bulbs I planted the end of March---and they are finally getting big. These are obviously temperature triggered, even in the greenhouse, it wasn't warm enough for them to do their thing. Caladiums are notoriously slow!

Rex Begonia, will be gorgeous and I will winter this over in the house. I've kept them as long as 4 years, wintering in the house. Last years got nipped by the early frost, so this is a new one.

More shade plants, some funky maroon and lime coleus, impatiens and some more caladiums. Marigolds I grew 4 different from seeds. The bees love them, and they are hardy in any weather.

Hubby did the plant shopping as I wasn't able to go out at all----he picked some great plants, lots of reds, and a few surprises. Hanging pot has those tiny petunia like plants, which are gorgeous.

This area gets a few hours of sun, then shade the rest of the day.

On to the fence area on the east side. Strong sun until about 3 pm. Some morning glories from the neighbors side wrapping the chair. 
Some more of those mini looking petunias and impatiens

Next to the fence are my Hollyhocks, I have 12 new plants started,  but we won't get flowers on those,until next year, as they are biennials!

I'm ignoring all the holes in everything. We have a crop of leaf hoppers that are happily chewing, and a few other bugs. We might have to do a soap spray on everything, soon.

Our Giant Hostas are ISLAND HOSTAS, this year. Now that the hot weather has hit, I will have to cut the burnt leaves off. All the Hostas have blossoms this year, and they have a fabulous fragrance.


Next to the house is a Sweet Pea, that grew from a 59c pack of seeds from 1985. I have to pull about half of them out--or they would swallow the house. Normally these bloom with peonies and roses around Memorial Day---this is the first blooms, July 12th. 

First blooms on the Del Oro Lilies, small and compact I have a few around the pond.

We just got the pond running last week.

Iris are sad looking. I cut them as they yellow, I've surrounded the stems now with some rocks, and pieces of concrete for support. I'm not sure what happened here, too much water, too much snow, too many temperature changes? It's really hard to say. I think I will plant some giant sedum back there and give up on flowering plants. (lost:Black-eyed Susans, delphinium, Liatris, creeping sedums.

See how bare it is?...YIKES.

The plant on the left was my 4-5foot tall Phlox las year? Peony behind it has been trimmed and is very healthy. I had to trim back the lime was crazy thick. 

This side has the most life, a rose that hasn't bloomed, the lilies and a few fronds of Phlox. 

It's VERY sad around there, as the winter plant loss was the most of the perennials in this area.
Even my huge phlox are not 'well'. 

I have two large long planters on either side...impatiens and three kinds of marigolds. They should bloom later this week. It's hot right here, the impatiens may not make it.

Moving to the pot by the front stairs---WOW, I THINK THATS A SUNFLOWER in the back
___1 plant out of 6 packages???

The planter by the front stairs is coming. Lemon Grass again for mosquitos. Weird short pom-pom marigolds? 

My rusty dragonflies, and a planter. Again, my sunflowers aren't making it?

How about this for a welcoming front porch? All the plants huddled in the shade---
basil is going great now though. 

I've moved all the hanging planters under the trees---just too hot for potted plants without saucers.

This area is happy, we have creeping sedum, copper leaf Coral Bells, Hosta, Giant sedums and the planters under here.

Our front yard is 80% shaded by trees now---so, I'm using pots for colors. Waiting on lots of lilies to bloom soon.

Along the garage---it's slow, the sunflowers I planted to go up the trellis' didn't make it? I think it is too late to buy more plants. 

The planter at the street, greets everyone at the mailbox...colors are brilliant, 
and if we keep up with deadheading and watering, it will continue to be gorgeous. 
(Note, the Purple Salvia)didn't make it here, and last year it was amazing)

I'm really only mobile a few hours a week, so this will have to be it, watering and deadheading!

Such is Midwest Gardening in the Chicago NW burbs, 2019. 


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  1. Wonderful garden visit Sandi - love it. Lots of work but such great areas to explore and enjoy.

    1. Thanks Joy, yes, it's a lot of work, it starting to give us veggies now, too.

  2. WOW!Balm for the soul and feast for the eyes!!!How beautiful...

    1. Thanks so much Maristella, we are feasting now, also!

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden at Vintage Charm!

  4. Everything is beautiful and green. And growing. Lovely garden Thanks for sharing.

    1. We've had way too much rain, but it's made everything lush, thank you for stopping by!

  5. My garden is going crazy, and I almost gave up a few weeks ago after losing all my dahlias to a virus. Not having been motivated since then, there is a lot of weeding to do, seriously, it is insane. But the wildflowers, my garden beds and the containers are doing great! Your garden is so lush though, I love it!

    1. Gosh, I know it's crazy. I didn't get any Dahlias started this was so cold. That's so sad---worst part is the virus may winter over. I'm hoping to do some wildflower broadcasting this week...cause weeding is a pain...and they are great for clogging out the 'other' weeds!

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  7. Your flowers and plants are doing better than mine here in middle Indiana. Between the harsh winter temps, the huge amounts of rain and now the hellish temperatures, I'm surprised anything is growing. Just today did our 90 degree temp stretch end and you can almost hear plants sighing with relief - at least for a few days, then its back to 90. My sunny area annuals got fried and I think my shade plants just gave up. Even my few tomato and pepper plants are slow to perform this year. I think they're confused. I keep telling myself there's always next year, and already looking forward to mums and fall flowers.
    I'm 77 years old and can't do what I used to, but try to plant as much as possible all the while fighting the weeds, who have no problem growing regardless of the weather. Sigh .....

    1. Hi, Pat. Thanks for stopping by---the weed cloth does help. We have found it does deter the worst. Maybe you can have someone help you with putting down the cloth. I know next year we will put the cloth down all over then plant through slits---which should be even easier and better. Upside, you can reuse the cloth for a few seasons. We have had good luck with the peppers in large pots. It was a tough summer with the late start and HOT weather. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Your Garden is so lush, but I couldn't help but be mesmerized and distracted by that magnificent oozing mortar Brick Wall!

  9. Thanks, Dawn. The brick---LOL, is a peculiarity of a small private builder, my husband hates it...but, it's Chicago brick---so it will stay until it falls down! Thanks again, for stopping by.


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