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Midwest Gardening June 2019 Containers

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With all the horrid weather across the country, here in NW Chicagoland I'm only going to whine a little bit. Because of the late, wet, dreary, COLD Spring we have had--everything is behind.

May had all-time record-breaking rainfall--continous it seemed. So far June is more like normal, but lots of cold and cloudy days. We try to GREEN garden with minimum impact to the environment. 

Cilantro, parsley, basil, dill, rosemary and onions on the porch. (Hubby insisted on getting them up--I will be scrounging for brown shelving though in the garage attic when I'm able--I hate this white stuff.

Also, holding yard work up: I tore my MCL Medial Collateral Ligament in my knee---and literally was off my feet for 5 weeks. I've just now been able to help out with the yard the last two weeks for short periods of time on my wheeled walker or sitting.
 SO, propped up-I did lots of containers and transplanting this last week.

Hubby had to do the plant shopping--but, we had started lots of flowers from seeds in March and April. I plant lots of marigolds because they are drought resistant and the bees love them.
Cold temps and little sun last month really slowed down the temporary greenhouse's production. 
Basil was bought on the left--and by seeds on the right. Seeds were planted in early April...Yikes they take a long time.

Onions, I'll put a few more in here as I have been using them. 
We use a combination of compost dirt-old dirt from containers and Miracle grow potting soil in most of our pots.

These planters on the vegetable garden fence are destined for more onions, Swiss chard and bush beans. And, a few marigolds to keep the bees happy. We will use compost dirt/and Miracle grow potting soil. These will get watered regularly.

Hubby bought two hanging baskets---my usual coordinated colors are basically---anything goes this year--as he was so great to go get it all. I couldn't even get to the car to ride along. Bummer!

Sometimes I think this flower bed is my favorite part of our yard. This three-year old planted section gets lots of shade. I use creeping sedum to fill in around the edges, and I added the yellow pots this year. My my mini roses and mums didn't make it.
In the Urn, I try and use moisture control dirt and empty it out every year, because the dirt quantity is so small.

In front of the house we have some ornamental grass that has totally loved the cool and wet---and I have new varieties of perennial lilies in here, also. I put two large pots with semi-shade loving New Guinea impatiens, impatiens, coleus and some spikes.

I love using lots of green and textures in the beds
and keeping lots of color in my pots. These pots get the combo mixture of dirts.

My giant sedum I had split last fall, is going like crazy, I'm sure I'll be moving these pots when the sedum starts blooming in August.

The rain barrels are on the Redo scheduled to get
 painted dark green ---soon! They are handy to have and I use the water for spot watering when we hit our dry season.

The mail box planter--Honest, I'm not advertising the wave petunias...I was too busy trying to get this shot level--I didn't even see the label. Hubby picked out the petunias, marigolds, spikes and purple salvia. We use moisture control dirt here. I will mulch this to cut down on watering.

This is planter was planted two weeks ago--and hubby did this, cause I couldn't get out there with the walker.

Oh, dear---I didn't realize how bad my old chair is---this will have to get replaced with something--OLD or a REDO--I think it may be done though. I do love the old tin planter/pump which doesn't work anymore. Still need to clean up more yard waste from the wind---it was done once already in April.

The pond and this area hasn't been touched. The peonies were huge, but over quickly again this year with the beating down rains. I have three planters here with nothing spectacular in them. All the plants and bushes need to be trimmed back, it will have to wait until I'm more mobile-maybe by July 4th.

Hubby just shakes his head at the flower beds. He's the vegetable master---not a flower gardener. I do all the trimming of bushes trees, he does all the grass/veggies/and 'building-stuff'.

My yellow chair is getting sad, too.---I'm thinking maybe paint that bright purple, or a more golden yellow? I'll have to see what is in my paint stash.

This area is due for an over haul also. Bushes need to be trimmed. This is a shade area most of the day. So I've used coleus, impatiens and a few marigolds. 
I had to rearrange my fairy--because the bushes are getting too big. The fairy sat on a little deck board patio (next picture) but it got swallowed up by the bush. 

I've moved it here to hold plants above the gazillion hoses. I think I'll try a low dish of something interesting here. 
We have mold and or slippery moss on everything this year...even on the fences which normally are exposed to sun.

The watering cans, I have three planted are mixed dirts. I have drilled drainage holes in the bottom.

This area is a bit sad looking. Our greenhouse plants from starts or seed are here: sunflowers, holly hocks, coreopsis, and marigolds. I have a stump to put under the watering can, but the brick was just an arms reach away when I planted here. I did the front rows, my d-in-law did the hollyhocks and sunflowers. 

 Here my GIANT Hosta are as green as the fence. They have loved the rain and cold dreary days.

So--mold will also be the project for the next few weeks.

Hubby has worked so hard to get the greenhouse done and some other structural repairs, get the vegetables all planted, do all the house work---seriously he's been great---but that makes us both really far behind. I still don't know if I will be having knee surgery or not--waiting on test results.

Vegetable garden in the next post!
How's the weather affected 
your planting and outdoor projects this year?


  1. Wow, I wish my container gardens looked this good. I can't believe the size of your hosta! I like how you've incorporated old chairs into the mix. I finally started growing tomatoes in containers instead of the ground and they seem to do so much better. Happy gardening!


    1. It's amazing what rain will do---and cold temps---the Hostas love it. Thanks for stopping by Marie. We have had some really hot dry late summers and our tomatoes in pots were having a hard time, while the peppers love it. So, we are trying in the garden again.

  2. Your colorful containers are so lovely! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  3. Thank you and thanks for stopping by!


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