Sunday, June 17, 2018


It's not all Barbies and stuffed toys at our house. 
We are fortunate to have the Grand visit almost every Sunday, 
giving Mom and Dad some alone time and eager grandparents some kid (PLAY) time. 

"What should we do Grampa?" She's five now and a cross between Ms.Captain America, a pink teddy bear, and a pirate.

Pirates were HERE! Digging for gold in the Pirate's lair. 
We have always had a sand box for our kids, because it can become anything, 
and perfect for PRETEND!
We pull a tarp cover over it during the week, so it stays pretty fresh and clean. 

Somehow, those dirty PIRATES bury treasure in there. 
Sparkly rocks and Gold Dubloons!

Swinging from the yardarm.....ARGH!

Higher, Please!

Time to change the colors. "I want to help too, Grampa."

Horrible storms and wind have wrecked Old Glory, which will be properly disposed of. 

And, the JOLLY ROGER goes up over the ship deck. 

Now for some proper sword play! Ring that bell, enemy approaching.

"UH, OH, Captain Daddy with a light saber sword. We're done-in!"

HAPPY FATHER'S Day to every Daddy and GrandDad!
Take time to PLAY!

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  1. So precious...Happy Father's Day!Cute Grand!

    1. Dear Louca, i lost so many of my bloggers I belonged to, so---I have re-joined, I hope the notifications come through. Thanks for stopping by. Our Grand is half Filipino and so much fun! We have to enjoy her now, as she starts school in fall.

  2. Happy Father's Day to your husband and son who were so willing to enter into "child's play." It was something missing from my life and my children's. So good to see. My grand is now 12 and always so busy that I never got to spend those kind of days with her (sports, horseback riding and shows, weekends with her dad). But one after-Halloween sale at K-Mart, I cornered the market on 90% off H. outfits. She got the greatest dress up tote for Christmas! Miss the simplicity of those days; I'm so glad yours are well recorded!

    1. We are grandparent's very late, and only have the one. But, we are lucky as we have all the time in the world to play when she comes! So much fun! Her mom, does the dress up outfits, but we sure do find purses and goodies for her to play with too!. Thanks for visiting!


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