Thursday, April 12, 2018

Craft Room 2: Progress

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Here is where we left off on the NEW CRAFT ROOM in the basement last week. 
Lots of OLD stuff, tons of mess, and trying to work around it. 

Good news! I sold my wheel a GREEN thing to do and all my ceramics magazines, tools and a big butcher block counter.
Also, sold a kiln, that would have been a real hassle to recycle.

The other good kiln and miscellaneous has been moved out. 
It's in NEW condition for sale,---we are also hoping to find buyers for 
100+ ceramic molds, anyone interested in Chicago area or surrounding states, mail me.


My Etsy shop is open again. This is the now scrambled shipping room. We are going to REDO some organizational things in here. I use a lot of GREEN-RECYCLED materials for shipping, but storing it had reached unmanageable proportions. 

I also photograph my OLD vintage items and craft items in here for listing. My bins of stock under the bench are currently inventoried and organized. That was a big project this week. I donated a bin worth of small unsold goodies to charity thrift stores, another GREEN thing.

Where I am standing, I turn around and below is what will be the NEW craft room. 


The ugly 1980's paneling had been chosen because it was the color of the clay and really cheap. lol. We are going right over the top of it, with a nice light barn-board paneling. The below hole will be an open doorway after removing three cement blocks.  On the other side is another huge 'craft workshop' storage room, stuffed with STUFF. 


It's organized over there, but very tight for working. I will---donate or sell at least half. Watch for some real bargains in my Etsy stores in the coming months. 
I worked for M'S and HL, so my craft stashes are monumental.


Back in the NEW craft room. 
The outside walls are waterproofed, insulated with 2"thick foam board, and studded. 
I can't believe how warm it is down here, now. 
It will be really cozy. I can't wait to have crafting parties in this space.

These two walls will be white pegboard on top and paneling on the bottom with chair rail. A long counter will run across the right wall. The left wall will have storage--we are talking about barn doors sliding there. The ceiling may stay undone for quite awhile as we have some first floor bathroom fixtures to REDO sometime in the future. All the water pipes and heat ducting run through this room. 

 The NEW subfloor is 2'x2' Dri-Core (name brand) panels. On the bottom side is a thick plastic grid for moisture proofing, the top is thick plywood. These inter-lock and provide a solid base for new flooring on irregular concrete surfaces. We use vinyl plank on top---which we love and have in most of the house.

 Hubby's goal this week is to get all the paneling and pegboard up, the trim and start the electrical.
My goal, is to reorganize the shipping room. To go through more bins and purge excess or photograph and list it. 

The Grand will be here again the end of next week, and the Barbie room upstairs and family room are a disaster. It's always "Fruit Basket UPSET" in your home, when you do Old-New-Green-Redo....anything!

How are your projects coming? 

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All the opinions and photographs in this blog are my own, I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions,
 posts, or any products shown, or anywhere I shop.
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  1. Congratulations on what will be a wonderful space. Organization is so helpful and being able to find things and create in a nice space!

    1. Just having a space I dont' have to clean up in the middle of a project will be wonderful.

  2. Great work progress. Looking forward to see the next stage of your work in progress.

    1. Thanks Joy, we have been hindered by weather as so much cutting had to be done outside or in the garage.

  3. This is such a massive project but you are going to love it -- and feel so proud of yourself for doing it!

    1. Thanks Jeanie, well, journeys shared are shorter so they we will keep you all posted. Grins, Sandi


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