Wednesday, November 1, 2017

JUST A THOUGHT: Okay, people....just hold on fer a second...!

I seldom rant online, 'cause I do it plenty in Real Life. Just ask my kid's, who have begun to think of me as doddering instead of simply eccentric.

Really my soul mellows with  the glow of LED lights in pumpkins,

(I actually miss the scent of candle-burnt pumpkin flesh) and witches swinging on brooms in the finally FALL cool, very cool Chicagoland the first lightest touch of frost-baring the grasses skeletal remains.

 We have the crisp winds now, but the mellow sunsets are something that only happens in real FALL.

Our tree hasn't even turned yet....this is an old picture.

I suppose, next week there will be thirty Christmas House walks posted-----and a meagre few Thanksgiving halls, mantels, table-settings squished in, REALLY!

I personally can't find my kitchen table for all the Hallweeny projecting, I finally worked on this
week. Table top soon to be filled with turkeys, in two weeks or so.

When I retired from mass/merchandising, I gave up working on displaying Christmas in July with a 15-foot (horror) tree, to what I thought were nice family-paced holidays.

But YOU (you know who you are)---Ladies and Gents of Blogland are forever pushing the calendar up my..., to quote Audrey H, my "Bloomin' arse!"

Seriously, why can't we just take a breath, mellow, and enjoy the few days left of Fall---the leaves still on the trees haven't turned yet-

--How about long enough for me to find my Fall bins I didn't find for this season? Or, to add the few improvisational bits of Fall decor I did come up with.

Can't we---collectively not SUPER_PUSH the Season's and give Veteran's Day,
Thanksgiving, etc., their due.

Just a little time, because I know it will be a chore to find that one and only Thanksgiving bin I have hidden in the labyrinth of the basement storage.

I need time to catch my breath, savor the last bits of sunshine, have some tea on the porch.

Besides, we need to lose that five pounds we gained from eating the Halloween Candy, before we start in on all the holiday goodies, and.....


Bless you all, Sandi

How's your Fall going?

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  1. I will rant right along with you and yes, I think I'm doddering now too, tho' eternally Eccentric. *winks* I revel in Fall, it's my favorite Season and so I will not, refuse to, rush right into Wintery stuff even tho' I do Enjoy Celebrating Christmas too. I keep Halloween and Autumn up until the day after Thanksgiving so it all gets properly enjoyed. Retail wise I 'get it' since the window of opportunity to hawk the Seasonal Wares is rather brief and peeps are only in the Mood to buy them for so long... and well before the actual Holiday is upon us. Few are as thrifty as me and Hold Out until the Sales on it all to get the best Deal! *winks* Besides, I too so much freakin' time and energy to decorate for my Fav Holiday and the Vignettes are so Enjoyable I will not Spirit them away already and move on... I'll join in with you as part of the Resistance... *winks*

  2. Ha ha ha! I love this. And yes, let's take a pause. I never even had a chance to carve our pumpkins. So now, I have two giant pumpkins that will sit around forever. :)

    1. Yes, I never even found all my 'faux' pumpkins, the porch was barely decorated, and other than my Skeleton Bash on my Barbie blog, there was nothing. The Grand won't be here until Sunday to even see anything, because she had a cold. Sadly---I just can't jump on the Xmas Train right now--nor do I want to even read anything. Thanks for commiserating, Stacy. Grins, and on to Veterans day, anyway!

  3. O I totally agree... we are all in such a rush for the next season holiday when we are barely leaving the last ... I don't go with that flow anymore.. I just take my time and let it just fall into place.. im 59 and in no rush to 60 it will be here soon enough... Hapoy Thursday dear.. with love Janice

    1. I guess exactly what I feel too, I've lost a brother in law and a good friend this year, and frankly---hurrying, for me, to 70...isn't what I really want to do. Let's relish what's supposed to be golden and hold the memories made with families and friends, upmost. Thanks Janice and enjoy---59!

  4. I love Christmas, but I have to enjoy Thanksgiving first. It's a holiday all about family, and it gets overlooked by so many. I get my early Christmas fix by making a few crafts to use when I do decorate, or for gifts. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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