Monday, August 21, 2017

Junkin' Finds August 2017

MY OLD NEW GREEN REDO Finds for the middle of August 2017.

 I don't know if I'm getting picky---or there just isn't that great of stuff available right now. So some of these things aren't that OLD---but will still be used for REDO, gifted, or sold.

Here's the grouping---yes, my junkin' is definitely all over the map. 
Favorite treasure was the HUGE ring mold---heavily used, aluminum, no marks. This will make a wonderful REDO 'wreath' for my Christmas kitchen. 

I know, Christmas in August, but couldn't pass this Sequin Snowman appliqué. I have done well on my sequined, 'UGLY Sweater' trims on my ETSY. Have you realized all the Ugly sweaters that haven't ended up in dumps and have created a GREEN industry for them.
This will be a great addition. Definitely the late 80's or early 90's. 

Organization is always an issue. These wide open (2) bins on the right went into our vegetable storage cabinet. We are going to have a bumper crop of squash (the only one) from the garden.
So these airy bins will be great for only 50 cents apiece. 

The super nice NEW measuring set (50cents)---is destined for my D-in-Law, and so is the very lime green ceramic planter (1.99). I think I will transplant some of my herbs in it for her for winter, and it will fit nicely on her skinny counter which goes across a window.

A sequined sheer panel (1.99) new---actually, may become doll clothes or part of  the Grand's bedroom. Unusual fabrics are hard to find, cheap---now, with all the fabric stores closing.

This is a sleeper, I paid $5.99. Until I polish this, I won't know exactly what it is--I suspect what we call nickel silver---with a lot of nickel and maybe no silver.  Couldn't find any marks, but it is a beautifully wrought piece, hand worked and not cast. The handle is cast and has very heavy patina.

This is the underside, and you can see the heavy pressed out Repoussé technique. The artisan pounds the pattern out from the bottom side, usually done on gold or silver pieces. 
Love this, and can't wait to work on it, and try researching. Could be Mexican, French, German---we will have to see if I can find a mark on it. If it isn't silver, it will become a tier in GREEN REDO  fountain for the backyard.

This was a wow, $1.99 antique tin candy mold. A few ? markings, but this is definitely very OLD, couldn't find one similar online. Will keep looking, this could be a bit pricey--$40-50 or higher.
This could also be European, French, or German. I will probably make candles or candy in this for Halloween, and maybe part with it, later. Great Halloween prop.

This is so 80-90's...but it is in softer resin/plastic, a great prop for jewelry photos and was $3.99.

Another picnic basket. I'm planning on using them for projects in the craft room. Right now they are scattered about the house with miscellaneous projects in them. $6.99. I don't even know how many I have now, but there are 6 in the kitchen, lol. Prices on these are going up though at flea markets and fairs. Saw them at Kane County Fleamarket (HUGE show) as high as $60.00, REALLY?
This one is quite nice and very clean inside. Metal ones have gotten even pricey with the kitsch 'printing' fake weaving.

On top is an antique one quart pitcher in a matte blue glaze on beige clay. Ribbed and in spectacular condition, this had to have been buried in a cupboard somewhere. 

Best part is the rich blue---and marked faintly Monmouth USA on the bottom. I tried enhancing the photo so you could see the large print pressed into the clay, but filled with glaze.
Monmouth was one of many potteries that folded into Western Pottery in 1906. Usually marked with maple leaves-some pieces were still marked Monmouth (Pottery), for the plant in Monmouth, Illinois. 
OLD, and from the 1930's, I snagged it for $3.99. 
Listings of this piece vary from $25-$45. For me, it's a keeper. 

I also found a huge batch of Barbie furnishings and clothes---for another time, though.

How has your hunting been?

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