Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage.

Vickie's phone: Bzzzzzzz Kevin, it's so early? What's up?

Kevin: Vickie, can you open the shop early this morning for a special guest. She arrived without her wardrobe, her bags were lost at O'hare. We have a 'Meet and Greet' scheduled at Channel 5 for the Noon News, and she needs everything. I said you might have something perfect for her 'vibe'.

Vickie: Well, sure. I can be there in a half-hour.

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Vickie: I'm sure glad I straightened up before I went home last night. I wonder who my mystery customer will be?

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Vickie: Did you need any help with that dress, Miss, uhh, Ms., Ma'am???

Mystery Guest: Just call me Barbie, everyone else does. This dress was ALWAYS gorgeous? But I will need a zip up, please. 

Vickie: I would be happy too, and it fits you like a glove. 

Barbie: I know, I had one just like it in 1967, this is Formal Occassion #1697, in perfect condition.

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Vickie: Well, you look gorgeous! What else can I help you with?

Barbie: I will need some white pumps to go with this, size 7.

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

I just had a pedicure, but these will do nicely. I can wear my pink sandals for the Meet and Greet. 

 Vickie: I know the dress had a cape, but its so hot now. How about this airy shawl with just a touch of gold and blush.
Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Barbie: Hmmmmm, maybe.

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

 I do love these beads with the gold and touch of pink, maybe the shawl would be nice. You never know when the air-conditioning is going to be too cold.

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Vickie: I think it would be perfect.

Special Guest at Vicki'es Vintage

Barbie: Vickie, you are quite the sales professional. I love your shop, I wish I had more time. If you ever come across any vintage finds from the 1960's, my style, please call. Now, I need something chic, but casual for the day. I need to NOT look my age.

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Barbie: I have the noon TV interview, then a luncheon with the Urban League, a side-trip to a the Art Institute Fashion Design wing for a quick program, and then the Gala tonight. What do you have for me that is iconic Barbie style,  Retro-but current, I can wear for the rest of the day?

I think I have just the thing. You can wear your iconic swimsuit as a top. 

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Barbie: Oh, Vickie, this is perfect. I love this little jacket and the bag is the right size. The belt on the capris matches my shoes. PERFECT~! 

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Vickie: Well Madam, definitely doesn't look her ...uh hum, age.  I'm glad you like it.

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Barbie:Well you have taken all the angst out of my dilemma, I just know I will have a super day, now. Thank you so much, and you will be seeing more of me, at least every time I'm in Chicago. 

Special Guest at Vickie's Vintage

Vickie: Thank you so much for choosing Vickie's Vintage, I'm so honored to have you as a customer, Barbie. This has been one-thousand percent MY pleasure. I hope you have a smashing day. 

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This Barbie is a 1960 no.3 original brown eyeliner Barbie. I received her for my birthday in February 1960. She is in great condition with some color variations on her body, but her makeup is original. Her manicure and pedicure are perfect and original. No green ear, as my mother ripped her 'hooker' earrings out of her ears immediately. I didn't think I had taken such good care of her, as we were pretty rough on our Barbies for those three years I played and designed clothes for her.  Her hair is need of some help, but is very soft and lustrous with the original poodle bangs. It's been fun visiting with her, as she has been packed away for at least forty years.

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  1. Oh WOW! What a great collection you have!

  2. She is my only original doll, the rest are rescues except for two. Everything is set up for pretend play with the Granddaughter. I will hide 'matron' Barbie when she comes though. Grins, Sandi

  3. Sandi, what a clever, clever post! Loved it! Will be sharing this one.

    1. LOL, TY Jean. I need to get out of the playroom soon, though. Thanks for your support, Sandi

  4. A special guest indeed! I had the short haired Barbie. I think she was #2. Oh, and I just recently learned that they have a number on their buttocks. :) One year my mom came to me and my sis that is just a year older than me and said that my brother and his wife could not afford to buy anything for their daughter for Christmas and would we be willing to give any of our toys. I gave all of my Barbie stuff, including my house and hot rod. Recently we have found a lot of vintage Barbies with the estate I am helping with. She had the cardboard house like I had and I decided to buy it. My grands are loving it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. Wow, the original cardboard house, they are like major for collecting. My cousins, got everything, but what I shared. I still haven't found my original Barbie clothes--I know they are all safe somewhere in the hordes of stuff I have. But, I'm not going to drive my self insane, and they were almost all handmade, but there are a few accessories in there I would like to find. Most of what I have now---is from Goody Bags from the great wall of "crap" at Savers. thanks for stopping by, Sandi


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