Tuesday, July 4, 2017

HFIM: The Guys

House For Impoverished Millenials or HFIMChicago: Saturday July 1, 2017

Meanwhile out on the deck and pool. 

The Cubs have an out of town night game and are on TV.

Sweet deck built by Nemo. Well, introductions first.

Ryan Wells, 29, a graduate of NW in Architecture and Urban Planning. The HJIM house is his first big solo project. He has the largest financial investment in the townhouse. He also works in the Chicago Office of Land and Development. He is the brains behind the HFIM house and has worked for the Historical Status for the Victorian Mansion and the adjoining limestone townhouse.

Dr.Ken Lane is in his second year of residency at Chicago Hope. A graduate of NW School of Medicine, Dr.Ken is currently in Emergency Medicine.

Twin brother, Kevin Lane works in TV production at NBC Channel 5 located over on Michigan Avenue. He also graduated from NW. He’s the quiet one of the house, but wants to help in every way.

Patrick Daniel Carney, is a sixth generation Chicagoan. Pat manages a bar/restaurant on Ohio Street, not too far from where his great-great-great grandfather’s first home was. He has invested his inheritance in the dual properties involved in the HFIM. The bar is a Chicago institution, and anyone who is anyone is sure to be seen there, and the flocks of wanta-bees.

Keanu “Nemo” Grant is 28, a graduate and All American from NW.

Currently he’s an assistant coach at Lane Technical High School on the north side and teaches Phys Ed. He also works a few nights a week at a gym as a private trainer in the off season. He has a perpetual scowl, and occasionally seems confused. But he is a great guy. Nemo’s the brawn for the the HFIM house and laid the entire deck himself, as well as completing the old ceiling demos.

Here are the guys, chilling and watching the game. This is an out of town, night-game, while the girl’s have a HJIM meeting in the dining room.

Ryan: Man they are losing!

Kevin: Go Cubs, show us that Champion stuff!

Patrick: Pass me another beer!

Nemo:Yay, a hit finally.

Dr.Ken: They need to be resuscitated. Too little, too late.

Ryan: At least the grub is good so the game is not a total wash-out.

Let's get the food in the house, guys. 

and Goodnight from the HFIM.

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  1. Oh, these guys, dear Sandy, you truly take me back to my childhood when I played so so much with them all and with their girls, what a joy it was to me to have a few minutes to dedicate to them all!

    In the hope you're enjoying a most lovely Sunday,
    I'm sending my dearest love to you,
    always thinking of you with love and gratitude

    XOXO Dany

    P.S.: forgive my absence, Dearie, but I'm very busy lately writing my first book and I have so little time for you all, I hope in your understanding X

    1. Ah, TY, Danny---My Grand and I have a great time. She always has a total scenario worked out for the dolls when she comes---usually very complex. She didn't get to come this week, so I sent her a story---LOL.

      Good luck on the book, they are tedious, I have one in last edit, another stuck on the end, and two more about 1/3 done. Very tedious, LOL.


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