Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Junkin' Finds with a touch of *Fall*

Fall leaves sprinkled on 5 Libbey OLD Fashioned glasses-1960s 

These have gold and some GREEN sprinkled on them. Haven't seen this pattern before. 
They have the cursive L on the bottom, definitely Libbey.

GREEN Depression glass oval bowl, perfect.

I will have to research this---identifying OLD depression patterns can be tedious, but I will...or maybe make a present with these, below.


 GREEN, These two small wines have leavesy on the also and are unusual, marked Glen, Colorado.
 Gilding is still almost perfect, these will be a gift for a friend.  
A small pocket mirror, unmarked silverplate or sterling, will go on Grandma's dresser for the Grandbaby to look at herself in.
 Going to have to polish hard on this one, but perfect for little hands.

 Notice the tablecloth, 90" round hopsacking, rusty red, NEW never been used...$2 and a keeper for  my huge kitchen table.

The compass is unusual, almost looks to be OLD celluloid, totally unmarked will have to do an 
item search on this. The type style makes me think at least as OLD as the 1950s, perhaps much older.


 Two really nice NEW faux artichokes. Look to never have been used, perfect for Fall decor.

I confess to a horrible addiction to OLD tins. Any kind of tin, especially the British ones. 
This is sweet, not in perfect condition, bits of rust on the knob...I don't care, 25 cents.

Super deal of the day! 

Two frames with triple mattes around vintage prints. 

Will save these for my bedroom REDO. Oh...10cents each...honest-ta-goodness!


 Nice bunch of OLD silverplate, simply marked Community.

8 Soup spoons but only 2 teaspoons...12 knives, 12 forks, 8 salads, and a few serving pieces. I may use this to supplement my silver and then try to find the teaspoons.  ONLY $5.00

 Cute OLD silver tray on feet. Small with some brass showing through--or is it GOLD, lol.

 Early in the week, I bought a Vintage Barbie Horsie, all by itself.

Sunday, I found the blanket, curry comb, brushes, riding hat, spats, sponge brush, buckets, pitchfork 
and SADDLE. Also a Few clothes and accessories for Barbie/Ken. Huge bag of goodies--50cents.
I have been collecting furniture and parts for a NEW Barbie Dollhouse 
we are going to make for Christmas.
Now we have to add a stable....golly!

 Very cute Christmas bird cage---in a wall bag from Savers this week.

But will be perfect for the Barbie House! 
Barbie, of course will have excellent, OLD< NEW<GREEN< REDO taste!

I loved this, Botannical print all the way around, and some light gold here and there. 

I may REDO and antique this up a bit more...
Love the fact it is wide but not deep. 
Will end up next to my chair. (I thought when I bought it, would be a container for florals, 
but it's really just too practical and pretty).

OLD Garden Globe in Clay. 

 I love architectural details, so I will find a place for this somewhere in the yard. 
It's quite big and heavy, but needs some mold on it. 
Buttermilk sprayed on it a few times, and it will age and be GREEN in no time. 

It was fun getting out in the junkin' world, been stuck at home way too much this summer. 
And Fall garage sales are always great---sellers are motivated, 
to get their garages clean for winter here in Chicagoland.

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  1. Hi Sandi, WOW you found some great treasures. Love the depression glass and the framed vintage prints. What a deal on the silver too. You sure had a great hunt! Thanks for sharing. Have a special day. Hugs, cm

  2. You have some great stuff! And thanks for visiting me! Sheila

  3. Always fun to find new vintage treasures! Great finds.
    Mary Alice

  4. You got some great fun items really cheap. That's my kind of shopping.

  5. Lots of great finds, Sandi! I especially love finding a nice set of silverplate flatware to mix in! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment on my fall tour post!

  6. I love your finds! Especially the old compass! I have a real attraction to old and rustic! Have a great weekend, Lynn

  7. Love all your thrifty treasures especially the silverplate flatware and that fabulous garden piece. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

    1. Thanks for stopping by---and the garden piece keeps getting dragged here and there, and hasn't found a home yet. I think I need something to put it on other than a stump---lol, Sandi

  8. You definitely win at finding the garage sales, thrift shop etc bargains,

  9. Sandi, you really found some wonderful things! My mom had Libby glasses with leaves, but they were taller. Love the depression glass, the utensils, and the unusual compass! Fun that you found the accessories for the Barbie horse. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Oh, forgot; the garden orb was my most favorite item! :)

  11. Wow, some great finds! I can't wait to see this very cool Barbie house... what a neat idea! Thanks so much for sharing all of your goodies with us at Let's Talk Vintage!


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