Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Redo Old Dresser for New Grandbaby

Grandparents, DIY-REDO furniture project

A sneak peek!

I know this is an OLD project, but we were so excited in 2012 to
 finally become grandparents in our mid-sixties. 

Here's my son, Kurt, and his beautiful wife, Richelle, at a small baby shower we had on our porch. Baby food on breadsticks was the party game---amazing how few items were identified. Some of the following pictures are from old photo scans, so bear with me.

But onward to our REDO PROJECT!

My husband and I are great DIY-ers and I had all this odd-ball furniture left over 
from my walkin-BarberryLane-shop in the garage. 
The kids had no baby furniture picked out, other than a NEW crib from Ikea--
honestly I am not getting reimbursed by Ikea.
 But, it was the smallest crib we could find
 Richelle could reach over, because she is so tiny.

So, we took two of my OLD shop shelving units (they had held sheep's milk soap) 
from my stash and a beat-up old dresser, I think I found for five-dollars 
and proceeded to paint with some grass-GREEN satin enamel and some wooden flowers!

Tiny 89 pound Richelle, next to a shelf.

Now the flowers were from my parent's craft stashes. They supplemented their  
retirement income in the 1970-80's by doing craft shows. 

So, the REDO dresser, shelves, and flowers were also something OLD
just like the expectant Grandparents.

Here's a picture of all the flowers my dad made and my mom painted. 
Cute stuff!
 I wish I had the teddy bear chair, they were adorable.

I picked a palette of quite a few NEW colors of satin acrylic enamels.

 I added a few pre-cut wooden shapes and tweaked their colors, 
all in a garden and bug theme. 
The white bunny was a garden ornament from my parent's craft stash. 
The pieces were all screwed from the back or glued and nailed. 

Colorful and Cute!

My dad, Jerry, and one of his many projects, a custom made rocking horse.
He would have loved working on this project.

Here's the dresser finished, with the installed changing table top added, this was pegged and easily removed. 
The tiny baby we were expecting outgrew it in like 2 months. 
She's very tall now and will be wearing her mom's clothes
 by the time she starts school, lol.

Painting all those knobs was a pain, I swear, 4 coats of craft enamel. I stuck them in styrofoam on their screws to keep them all straight. 

We dragged the three pieces up the stairs, that was the hardest. 

Ready for installation…all three pieces were bolted together for safety.
The color on this photo is closer to the actual, bright, 
clean, kid-friendly paint, and very GREEN color.
Total cost was maybe $20 dollars for paints and the knobs were originals or from my stashes, and $5 for hardware.

Hubby (Grandpa) after installing the last bolt. We finished just in time, baby Jerri was born on 10/11/12 about a week later. 

NEW Jerri, named for my Dad, slept soundly surrounded by three generations of ~LOVE~
 in this OLD~~ NEW~~GREEN~~ REDO furniture project.
Phew, I got them all in again!

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  1. How fun and kind of you to lend such a huge helping hand! The rocking horse your dad is sitting on and made is almost identical to one in my friend's basement that I helped her redo yesterday!

  2. Sandi, Thank you for your comments. I thought about some of those last evening buy the computer was turned off. I just updated it on my site.

    1. Your post was great---color is such a fickle…b…. I taught a color theory 4 week class for craft painters…at Michaels about 5 times a year for 4 years. The class was always full….back to basics-colorwheel and color mixing. The hardest thing was teaching color underneath fluorescent lights. When the weather permitted, we met in the parking lot for an hour. I don't think you can over-preach the effects light and contrasting materials have on wall color. Condensing it into 1000 words is nigh-on to impossible. Love your blog ---and I didn't mention the 3 gallons of exterior paint-failures and the 5 years our house had new siding---Primed---and not painted whilst I pondered color…LOL.

  3. Well I bet you were excited! Little Jerri was a cutie with all that hair! Three years old now, and I bet she is darling! The furniture is so cute and I bet your daughter in law loved it! She is a tiny thing! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Congrats on the G-Baby... so precious and Fresh from the Father! So Fun to Spoil them isn't it?... Dawn... The Bohemian


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