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Green and Shabby Shopping

(A 2015 post revisit...I just need an Antique show right now!)

ANTIQUE GARDEN SHOW ~ Northwind Perennial Farm, Wisconsin

Fabulous shopping at the Northwind Perennial Farms Antique Garden Show  

Nestled between Burlington and Lake Geneva in southern Wisconsin was this wonderful shabby chic garden show on the weekend of June 10--12, 2015 We arrived about 2pm on Saturday to cars and pickups lining the sides of the country road and the anticipation only grew as we watched people loading their cars with GREAT STUFF!

The perennial farm itself was gorgeous--in full late spring bloom with iris, campanula, and flowering trees and bushes. Winter was hideous in the midwest and this Spring, she dragged her cold wet feet into early June. Everything was at least 2-3 weeks behind in blooming.


ANTIQUE GARDEN SHOW ~ Northwind Perennial Farm, Burlington, Wisconsin

Each of the farm buildings displayed unique country farm and garden antiques, as well as vintage and new gift items. These are available all the time. Vignettes were accented with plantings and pots filled with their huge varieties of perennial plants. 

Here, two vintage concrete chickens share the front of the coop with real chickens, while real ducks wandered here and there, sometimes beneath your feet or hiding under the huge hostas. Cats, goats, and a goose here and there added to the authentic OLD FARM atmosphere. 

 Down winding paths of crushed rock or laid brick were magnificent perrenial plantings mixed with vintage accents such as this lovely maiden calmly feeding imaginary, or maybe not, chickens!

 We lost track of how many ponds and pools dotted the landscaped grounds. The paths went on forever and were landscaped to show Northwind's fabulous design skills as well as their plants. Every peek around a corner was breath-taking and natural. Careful selections showed these perennials thrive in the hard midwest winters and almost all were mature with not a bare spot to be seen.
This dry river bed lined with rocks went on forever laced with three foot tall Iris and clumps of blooming chives, along its path edged exhibitors of shabby, garden and farm antiques and collectibles.  

Here is the link  The Northwind Perennial Farm website:

One of the many great booths was Diane Passi -Floral Designs and Antiques. Here is here simple display of Porch Pole Candle holders or simply artifacts. Nestled between them are Northwind's rosemary plants and a potted succulent. Simply staged in front of old shutters, the candles and original paint on the posts was most inviting. I snagged my shelf here.

You can reach her at and she has some great pictures of this show posted.

My original source for this fabulous show was this exhibitor, Jeanine with more wonderful pictures of the show. HER booth was fabulous as were all the booths. 

Check out her blog with pics

My finds: a unique wire basket, a really kitschy three tiered metal shelf from the 50's, a heavy grain scoop. Sorry nothing that will land in my shop,

E found several items, including a mounted horse head plaque and more. A successful and wonderful day in the country---worth the 150 miles round-trip wandering the Midwest Wisconsin roads. There are rumblings of another show in fall…sign up at Northwinds for an event calendar or visit them The Northwind Perennial Farm website:

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