Thursday, September 7, 2017

Home: Falling into Fall

Bits of Fall are creeping into the home-naturally.
We haven't had that much time for decorating, yet. 

Tomatoes are turning red in the kitchen window, 
while squash that has fallen off their vines ripen on the OLD scale.

A few sunflowers nest in the Ivy urn, my favorite GREEN thing in the house.

A simple kitchen theme on the island, with OLD enameled fish poacher, vintage s&p delft cows, 
chicks s&p, baby dish, and NEW 
sunflower arrangement  and resin chickens. 

OLD thrift store pumpkin landed on the pedestal, biscuit jar adds a touch of earth tones to the table, the NEW owl just hangs out.

An OLD vintage trough (cracker server) of last years acorns.
OLD Antique Ironstone pitcher holds thrift store faux flowers 
with real dried roses from our anniversary bouquet.

I love the fall tones that are earth and jeweled at the same time.

A wooden trough (1940s cracker server) holds last year's acorns. 

Russet sunflowers juxtapose with the sweet coral roses.

I still haven't polished this OLD teapot, I simply love the golden patina it has rather than black.

Vintage Quaker Lace runner, adds the perfect homey touch under the antiques.

Antique spinning wheel hosts a chenille pumpkin from a thrift store. 
A little later I will bring out more. 
Our fresh garden pumpkins will be limited,
 but I have a huge stash of gourds and faux pumpkins.
Last year we had enough fresh pumpkins for EVERYWHERE!

My Grandmother's OLD antique iron dog and the original doorstop house.

A bird protects his egg deep in moss and dried hydrangeas on the buffet.

I love we are starting to luxuriate in the rich colors of Fall.

Stay safe!

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  1. Sandi, beautiful touches of fall! I love the touches of purple and burgundy. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Like I have said---color is my favorite, we are hawing on a new dark beige sofa---to replace our tapestry ones in the living room. I'm afraid I will be bored, when I keep looking at the red covers. But then I wouldn't be able to use the burgundy touches, sigh. Fall is my favorite! Take care and thanks for visiting, Sandi

  2. Sandi, what gorgeous things to enjoy for autumn! I never decorate for the seasons - love seeing what other people do, but I can't seem to manage it!

    1. Gosh, this is all I have done Jean---90+degrees here for two weeks, kinda takes the edge of Falling into Fall, lol. thanks for stopping by.

  3. You haven't started the decorating yet? Looks to me like you are all set. Nice color! I love your abundance of lovely tomatoes.

    1. This is all I have done--it's been very hot here---and blistering in fact. More Fall may have to wait, grins, thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  4. Wonderful colors of Fall! Love the ironstone pitcher!

  5. Very nice touches of fall - it's been so hot here, I'm almost forgetting what season it is!


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