Thursday, November 3, 2016

Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal:Part 2

I'm going to share our lighting, the sink wall and the island.  

These two central schoolhouse pendants give tons of light. The white globes reduce glare and it gives a warm light with the LED bulbs we chose.
The back on the left are the  exhaust fan lights. I had been cooking in the dark with light sources always behind me. The back lights on the stove lasted a year and then conked out.

The new kitchen did not align with the existing light box, it was off center and too close to the fridge. So, Hubby, built this long box from the ceiling headboard with trim and finials that match the woodwork in the rest of the house. Inside is the new wiring hooked into the old electrical boxes.

Now the entire kitchen even the eating area is centered. It wasn't before.

The existing refrigerator is only a few years old, we chose to use it and build it in. The overhead cupboard is deeper and is finished off on the right side with a floor to ceiling panel that matches the cabinetry, a filler piece has been added since this picture. Now the upper cabinet.

I really don't have to get on a stool for this, as with the organizational racks from IKEA, we used 5, all my flat pans are organized. This will work unless something gets pushed back. I really love this. If you bake, can, or cook for crowds, this organization is wonderful.

Hubby finished off the back hall with wainscoting from bead board. My antique and family collections are displayed here. Down the stairs is a section with bbq tools, etc. on the right.
I'm going to look for a great GREEN recycling bin in wood or tin for here. 
We recycle tons of stuff and sadly fill one up every two weeks with just the two of us.

My roaster shelves are still there. Wall treatments are still up in the air here and on the eating end of the kitchen. 

Starting on the sink wall, we have the coffee shop. I still haven't made the magnet/picture to go on the coffee pot. We use this machine constantly, in the afternoon I have instant hot water for tea. It's ugly but super! 

The cabinet above holds our teas and coffees and servers.

Below is our metal shelves that are currently holding large bowls, strainers, breads and vegetables.

I could have done a smaller cabinet, but on paper we had room for this. I'm going to look into all one color bins. But this is what I had without new purchases. 

Next to the right is MISCELLANEOUS drawer. We are still trying to find things. So right now this is the status of this drawer. Eventually it will be edited and reorganized. I hope to have all the things that I used to keep on the fridge in here.

This drawer looks a mess. Mostly because I have ALL my towels in here. These will be edited. 
A bucket of markers, soap and sugar substitute. Clearly drawer this needs some work.
Nothing like a photograph to show you glaring deficiencies you ignore.

The bottom drawer is deep and has some odd things together in here. Three crockpots, my graters, a bin of jar covers and some odd stuff, and the extra dish strainer which doesn't fit under the sink. 
Paper bags will eventually have another spot. 

This is what the sink usually looks like, always in use. Our old dishwasher is on the right, and is so quiet now that it is properly built-in.

We love the Vinyl Plank floors, but I chose some rubber backed rugs for spills and for safety. We are seniors and falling or slipping on water/grease is not a good idea.

The sink is oversize on the left and smaller on the right where the disposal is.

Under the sink, we chose pull-out bins on tracks for garbage and kitchen garden waste. THESE are worth every penny---silent and just slide back in. Plus behind the waste bin is our soap box for the dishwasher, out of sight from little ones.

Here they are pushed in. And the hardware is silent and runs so smooth.

To the right is a small cabinet with everyday glassware in it. The next cabinet area has glass doors.
This holds some treasures and on the bottom shelf my everyday mis-match blue dishes with a sprinkle of reds.
Inspire Me Tuesday

The counter top here keeps changing. This was an early picture before the tile.

I have six pictures of this area from the last month, and all different. The only thing consistent is the cookie jar and my favorite enameled tray. I'm going to find a spot for the chopper, though I use it almost everyday.

This cabinet is the dish/serving cabinet the drawer is 36" wide, but shallow---again you can't pile it deep. Here's the layout. Since it is to the right of the dishwasher it is really easy to put items away. So far, for a month it has stayed neat and organized. 

The bottom drawer holds serving pieces, while the next drawer holds smaller plates, bowls and some serving bowl pieces.

Here is the cabinet lighting during the day on low. 

This is on high...LOVE the lighting. Its warm and welcoming and we leave one section on at night.

I'm officially in love with the glass door cabinets. I know they will evolve, especially when I get into all my antique bins I still have in the basement/garage.

The island is the heart of the kitchen. It is the WORK area. So it has to function. The countertop is 5'x4' butcher block. The cabinetry consists of two 30" wide cabinets with three drawers. On the stove side are three stools which will be red or maybe replaced with white ones. Not sure yet.

The left cabinet is the baking cabinet. Top drawer is actual two drawers one hid inside the other. The top one holds all my measuring tools, spatulas, mixer tools..etc. Very handy. 

The second holds bowls, supplies, sifter, hand mixers and large measuring cups. I have a divider for here, but haven't used it yet. The square bins clam unto the side bars and hold smaller items

Here is a full view of the top drawer with the scale in view also.This drawer is working very well. 

This drawer is also convenient, I may find a container or two to control the corded items.

Now my bottom baking drawer needs some help. The black box is my hand mixer, the box may disappear if I can work the contents to the drawer above. Round canisters are useless. I hope to have matching bins here eventually. My large pantry bins were too tall for this drawer.

To the right in the lower drawer are all the small baking pans, a set of clear bowls, apple bakers and some miscellany. The divider is working well here. We will see what happens as it gets used more.

The middle drawer holds just food storage, rolled products, jar covers, bag clips, and garbage bags. It really is nice everything in those categories are here. 
I'm using one divider to control the items. 
So far, after we use the excess, 
I'm confident the drawer will be neater and less duplicates will clutter it up.

We looked at all sorts of knife drawers. I settled on these dividers, instead. So far it is working well. Anything sharp that cuts anything resides here plus the can opener and garlic press. 
This is really handy for the work station. 

I hope you enjoyed a trip through the almost finished/organized? NEW Farmhouse kitchen. We still have some choices to make. I will save that for another time. 

Cabinetry lighting-IKEA
Countertops-Menards and IKEA
Flooring: Menards
Bead board Ceiling: Menards
Exhaust fan: Menards online
Flooring: Menards
Dimensional Subway tile: Home Depot
Elbow Grease: Three Seniors and Family

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  1. You have made your kitchen so convenient, lots and lots of storage. So welcoming, love the lighting you added. Thank you for such a clear photo tour of your storage and your updated wonderful kitchen.

  2. Thank you Joy, I showed it as it has been used, honestly didn't straighten a thing, as you can tell. But if it looks pretty, but doesn't work, a post of immaculate cabinets would be useless. Grins, Sandi

  3. Your rug is beautiful. Great storage in your kitchen too!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, we are having a great time finding everything now. I finally put labels on the containers. Grins, Sandi

    2. Thanks so much for stopping by, we are having a great time finding everything now. I finally put labels on the containers. Grins, Sandi

  4. Clever organization of your kitchen.
    Very cozy! I love the old things on the wall.

    1. Thank you---when we finish the last painting, I will share my back wall with all the family utensils on it. Sandi

  5. Everything is looking good so far. I love your glass doors as well. Love the space on top of the frig for the baking sheets great idea... And I like the lignting as well. They look really nice. Have a great weekend dear with love Janice

    1. Thanks so much for stopping, so far we are really pleased, though everyday something gets tweaked. Sandi

  6. OMG that Lighting... the Organization of it all... be still my beating Heart and a standing Ovation to you!!! Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. I finally put labels on everything, so we can tell what it is, without lifting it up. We have basically in the kitchen a month and everyday something gets moved or tweaked. Thanks for the oohs and ahs. Grins, Sandi

  7. I love the glass front cabinets. They look so pretty with your china. Organization has never been my strong suite so I applaud your organizing skills. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn, we had it dark for a few weeks, and really once the lights were hooked up---it was waaahlaaaah! Thanks on the organization, now I have to wean what I won't use. I was amazed at the stuff that was buried in the old kitchen. Thanks again, Sandi

  8. Sandi, this is beautiful! I love the way you have everything organized and those schoolhouse lights...swoon...they make such a statement. We just finished our kitchen and I know how much work goes into projects like this one. Job well done, it's gorgeous! Hugs, CoCo

    1. Grins and thanks, we are so happy so far, but still tweaking and doing small details. Next the dilemma of the remaining walls and blue cupboard. Sandi

  9. That looks fantastic! I love the countertops and the beadboard wall with your collections! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

    1. Thanks so much, we are still tweaking, but it has been a trip and worth every second and penny. Sandi

  10. Sandi, wow it is beautiful and your hard work has paid! Pam @ Everyday Living

    1. Thank-you, it has been a long haul for some old duffers, for sure. Sandi

  11. Great Makeover, I like all!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Oh I love the glass cabinets with the blue and white pottery and cobalt glass. Lovely!!!! Thank you for sharing with "Let's Talk Vintage!"

    1. I know it wasn't vintage, but we really tried to keep the vintage flavor, I love my chippy--bead-board ceilings, thanks jillian, Sandi

  13. Love your NEW kitchen, Sandi!! Those lights are gorgeous! I was looking at some for our kitchen, but we ended up hanging our chandelier that we brought with us when we moved from our previous house. (We replaced it with another before we listed our house) And I agree about drawers and pullouts. Our kitchen has upper slide-outs for our lower cupboards, but not for the very bottoms of them. I want to get slide-outs for these, eventually, cause it's just too hard to retrieve items from the back.

    1. OMG, the drawers are divine. When I emptied the old cupboards, I found all kinds of things I had forgotten we had. Honestly it is a double necessity when you get older, Grins and thanks, Sandi

  14. Hi Sandi, what a beautifully remake of your kitchen. I know you are so happy to be at this point. I can relate. Love the light pendants. The soft, yet bright glow is wonderful. Everything came together to nicely. Gorgeous from top to bottom. Enjoy it and take a break from all the work.

    1. Thanks so much Celestine. Now I'm trying to gut the craft room, which was simply storage and impossible to work in. Thanks Dear One, and I think of you every time I look at a rose, grins, Sandi

  15. So much great storage! I'm sure you are in 7th heaven. You two have worked your tails off, but now you get to reap the rewards of all your hard work! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks Jann. Soon we will have our first mass cooking experience by making apple pies. We get tons made for the freezer, and the family ALL participates. Last time was 23 pies. LOL. We will see if it works for that sort of production. Thanks for visiting and your support, Sandi

  16. Thanks for spending your time sharing and really seeing, Sandi

  17. Your new lighting is beautiful! I love the schoolhouse lights, and the ceiling treatment is perfect. Thanks for linking up to Funtastic Friday!


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