Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Moving my Barbie Posts


Hi dear Bloggers, Friends, and Family.

My Barbie DIY house and doll posts are moving to my new blog, Barbie:OldNewGreenRedo.
Barbie and the crew with give you a heads up here, when there is a new post. I will be continuing the Old,New,Green,Redo as 90% of everything including the dolls are vintage or used items.

Last week's post, Back to School had a...

 vintage 1990's chalkboard getting a REDO, for Anna(high school) and Chelsea(middle school).

An OLD Changing table/chest was REDOne for school supplies.

NEW supplies were made, pencils, pens, books, erasers, files, and some great finds for mini-collectors.

Also,  Monnie, Ryan, Kevin, Ken and Andrew have moved into two walk-out basement apartments to help the overcrowding in the HFIM. Hope you will join them on the REDO journey and life in the HFIM house (Home for Impoverished Millenials) as they continue the project of OldNewGreenRedo-ing a downtown Chicago mansion/townhouse. Last weeks post, HFIM house:Basement apartments
begins that journey.

Monnie has been busy designing the interiors of the HFIM house on her New/Redo drafting board and tools in the new apartment.
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Ryan has been juggling work, and the HFIM house as the general contractor. It's been a big job.

Thanks for all your support. Occasionally I will do vintage doll posts if I find something with broad based appeal, thanks to all who have encouraged my new sickness. Please come visit the new blog, we would love to have you.

The girl's are going back to school, but say, Hi, come join us at Barbie:OldNewGreenRedo

Thanks always for visiting. 
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