Monday, July 20, 2015

Somethings OLD to REDO*~~~Junking Finds!~~~*

Quick share today.

Great JUNK from my last few junking excursions.

Flexible Flyer 1940-50s

I will start with my ultimate find, a Flexible Flyer 48" in pretty great condition at a garage sale for $10.00.  Will I REDO this, probably not---but next we'll be winter sledding on a hill down the street and probably used as a prop in many a Christmas Pic. I will clean it and put some mineral oil on the metal to keep it from deteriorating further. Love the chrome on the very front---making it a 'special' old sled. 

THE BEST PART only $10.00, junker's remorse at 'cheating' the owner---none what-so-ever, she was downloading her garage and she said her children didn't want it. Still has the great graphics intact. OLD clothes line still attached. These sleds were the ultimate in sledding in the 1950s, pretty controllable (except on ice--I cracked both my front teeth when I was twelve, careening into a tree), totally destroying the other sled brand, my American Flyer.

NEW Fairy, Gnome, Barbie greenhouse

I include this as a junking find, but its NEW found at a big box craft store for $4.00. 
It's perfect size for miniature greenhouse. The lid opens and screams to be painted cottage chic. 
REDO, maybe, I may wait on that and live with it as is for a bit as is.

Shallow Glass door cabinet cabinet

This OLD cabinet was a steal at $8 until I got to the register and found
 it was 1/2 price Friday at a remote Charity Thriftshop. Mind you thrift store's in Chicagoland are not always thrifty, but I seldom balk at prices in stores that are connected with charities, because profits go for good causes. My plans, a fresh coat of paint, a dowel rail across each shelf. The shabby cabinet should make a new home for polish, perfume and ephemera or maybe a jewelry cabinet, not sure yet.

Totally Kitschy Iron PINK? shelf -1940-50s

Found this at the Northwinds Perennial Farm show from my June post, Great Show! 
I did pay $10.00 for this, but I have never seen a three-tiered one before. First thought--REDO the PINK-- and turn it upside down, use it for jewelry, and display, 
but maybe for a shelf in the shipping craft room. Such a dilemma!

OLD wooden dresser insert

This was OLD and dovetailed, had disgusting silver cloth in it, from who-knows-when. The wood is not terribly heavy, but after cleaning will make a tray with the addition of handles and some trim. This will definitely be a REDO.

Drawer does scream to be a shelf though.

OLD plates for mosaics-99cents to $1.99

The red plates are vintage Wachtersbach from matching their holiday pottery. I have quite a few mugs, so these may not go to the mosaic collection, unless I am desperate for red. The strawberry plates are Royal Stafford Wildberry or Strawberry and are not that old, but I love the green leaves. 
 The small navy blue has a great raised border and the lighthouse plate has a chip but great colors.

Last plate Marked Japan "La Ville"

This is a great old 'crazed' dinner plate, this will be great in mosaics, can't wait.

 OLD Silver Plate Shell bowl

I did think twice on this piece, $12.00, it was from a Goodwill and has adorable little feet. Unpolished, it has already found its home at the feet of my garden nymph and will be part of her new garden pool.

 Nymph Garden Pool

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by and visit again soon.


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  1. Hi Sandi, you sure found some great treasures. Love the little cabinet. I know you will give it a new life with paint and repurpose. Gorgeous plates, I love the vintage red.
    Have fun creating and a nice week. Hugs, cm

    1. Thanks for stopping by, hope to get at it soon.

  2. Love all your unique finds but that last metal tray is perfect for your nymph garden pool!

    1. I found a rubber under pond that will disappear, hopefully. Thanks for your comment, Sandi.

  3. Looks like some great finds from your junkin trip!
    Mary Alice

  4. So many great treasures-I especially love that mini greenhouse!

  5. Not sure what to do with it yet---too many possibilities, Sandi


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